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We empower community experts

The Google Developer Experts program is a global network of highly experienced technology experts, influencers, and thought leaders who have expertise in Google technologies, are active leaders in the space, natural mentors, and contribute to the wider developer and startup ecosystem. Today, nearly a thousand Experts represent Google technologies around the world!

Join the community

Connect with other professionals, share best practices, and get access to Google-led events like I/O.
Get direct access to Google teams, and products. Ask questions, learn, and share your feedback with Google.
Grow your career with recognition from Google: Get promotion in the in directory, speak at events, and more.
To join the Google Developer Experts programs, you first need to be referred by a Google employee or an existing Expert. If you're interested, reach out to your local Google contact and/or to an Active Expert to discuss your eligibility or fill in this interest form.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Solid expertise in an area featuring Google technology such as Android, Google Cloud, Machine Learning, Web and more
  • Displaying significant contributions in the developer community: speaking at events, publishing content, mentoring other developers and companies
  • Ability to articulate clearly and provide meaningful advice to others

Meet our Experts

The following directory contains the list of all Google Developer Experts. These individuals are recognized by Google for their tech knowledge and skills.

Angélica Oliveira shares how she joined Google Developer Experts.

See the guitar Google Developer Expert Joe Birch built to improve the learning experience for the mute, deaf, and blind.

Google Developer Experts presents Akshay Bahadur in this #IamaGDE episode. See how Akshay used the Google Cloud Platform.

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