Migrate from Bid Manager API v1.1 to v2

In March 2022, we released version 2 of Bid Manager API. Given the release of this new version, we plan to announce a sunset date for v1.1 soon. We recommend that you start your migration from v1.1 to v2 as soon as you can.

Migrate your application

Migrating from v1.1 to v2 requires updating your endpoint URLs to call v2, and updating your application to account for breaking changes.

Update your API calls from v1.1 to v2

To use v2 instead of v1.1, you need to update your requests to use new v2 endpoints.

Identify equivalent methods

In order to update your API calls from using v1.1 to v2, you first must identify the equivalent v1.1 methods in v2.

The following names of all services and methods have changed slightly between v1.1 and v2:

Update to new endpoints

Once you've identified equivalent methods, you need to update your requests. For example, to call the queries.getquery method with v1.1, you would use the following URL:


To call the equivalent method in v2, known as queries.get, update the URL to the following:

GET https://doubleclickbidmanager.googleapis.com/v2/queries/queryId

If you're using a client library to make requests to the API, use the most recent version of the client library and update your configuration to use v2.

Make required changes

We're introducing a number of breaking changes in v2. Review the following instructions and make the required changes relevant to your existing use of the Bid Manager API.

Update calls to queries service

Update calls to reports service

Update error handling logic

Error messages across the API have been updated in v2. These new error messages are more specific and, in some cases, provide information on the values in the API request that are causing the error to be returned. If your existing error handling logic relies on specific error message text, generalize your error handling before migrating to v2.