Google Analytics Provisioning API Changelog

We periodically update the Google Analytics Provisioning API in order to deliver new features and to repair defects discovered in previous versions. In most cases, these changes will be transparent to API developers. However, occasionally we need to make changes that require developers to modify their existing applications.

This page documents any changes made to the Google Analytics Provisioning API that might affect your application. We recommend that API developers periodically check this list for any new announcements. You can also subscribe to changes via the feeds listed under the Subscribe section below.

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Includes all Collection, Configuration, and Reporting APIs.

Includes Management API and Provisioning API.

This release adds an additional parameter to the Provisioning API TOS URL:

  • The addition of the URL parameter, provisioningSignup=false, fixes an issue which occurs when provisioning a Google Analytics account for a user without any Google Analytics accounts. Developers should update their code to add this parameter to the TOS URL.

This is the initial release of the Provisioning API:

  • The Provisioning API can be used to programmatically create new Google Analytics accounts. This API is invite-only and intended for qualified service providers and large partners. Visit the Provisioning API Overview for more details.