Search Analytics

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Resource representations

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Query your search traffic data with filters and parameters that you define. The method returns zero or more rows grouped by the row keys (dimensions) that you define. You must define a date range of one or more days.

When date is one of the dimensions, any days without data are omitted from the result list. To learn which days have data, issue a query without filters grouped by date, for the date range of interest.

Results are sorted by click count descending. If two rows have the same click count, they are sorted in an arbitrary way.

See the python sample for calling this method.

The API is bounded by internal limitations of Search Console and does not guarantee to return all data rows but rather top ones.

See limits to the amount of data available.

JSON POST Example:
  "startDate": "2015-04-01",
  "endDate": "2015-05-01",
  "dimensions": ["country","device"]