AdSense Host API Terms of Service

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By using this API, you consent to be bound by these terms in addition to the Google APIs Terms of Service ("API ToS").
  1. Payments

    You and any AdSense account owners associated with Your developer credentials are bound by the AdSense Online terms and conditions (the "AdSense Terms"). Any relevant account owners who have not agreed to the AdSense Terms or otherwise completed the AdSense program sign-up process will have blank space instead of Google AdSense ads delivered to their accounts. Neither you nor the relevant account owner will be eligible to receive payment associated with such an account. If Google is unable to process payments as a result of the AdSense Host API implementation by the API Client on an account owner's property, Google will not be liable for payment in connection with that property.

    You may select to receive up to 75% of AdSense revenue otherwise payable to AdSense account owners associated with your developer credentials (your "Hosted Accounts"). If you choose to share revenue with your Hosted Accounts on a given page, all Google ads on that page must use API code and be included in your revenue share (your "Revenue Percentage"). You must disclose your Revenue Percentage, and the pages to which it applies, clearly, accurately and conspicuously to your Hosted Accounts prior to their AdSense program sign-up with Google, and on an ongoing basis. Google may also disclose your Revenue Percentage, and the pages to which it applies, to your Hosted Accounts. Additional information on revenue sharing can be found at (or such other URL as Google may provide from time to time).

  2. Third Party Opt-Out

    You agree that each of your Hosted Accounts may disassociate their accounts from your services and regain exclusive control of their AdSense accounts at any time. You may not charge or otherwise impose any condition or penalty upon any AdSense account owner in connection with any disassociation of an AdSense account from your services.

    In the event of termination of your right to use the AdSense Host API, Google may independently communicate with any Hosted Accounts to provide notice of both the termination of your right to use AdSense Host API and the display of any advertisements associated with your developer credentials.