Open Source Projects Involving Google Enterprise Search

Google encourages open source projects involving the Google Enterprise Search APIs. If you have developed applications, scripts, or APIs that you would like to share with other developers and the user community, tell us about it here. We'll review it and add it to the list below.

Current Open Source Projects

Java based security framework for Google Search Appliance
This framework allows the GSA to cope with complex and non-standard authentication and/or authorization processes and will unify authentication across heterogeneous secure sources - those that would otherwise require multiple sets of credentials from the end-user and make the search experience painful.

Google Search Appliance/Google Mini C# APIs
This is a C# API for querying the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini for search results. It encapsultes the GSA's Search Protocol XML API and allows for binding and integrating to common C# data objects. This API was developed by MC+A. It is a port of the project gsa-japi developed by Inxight Software.

Search Quality Feedback Toolkit
One of the best ways to improve search quality and user satisfaction is to provide your users with an easy way to give feedback. The new Search Quality Feedback Toolkit provides a set of automated feedback tools that you can easily add to your Google Search Appliance or Google Mini front end.

GSA-to-GSA OneBox Module
Do you have multiple Google Minis or Google Search Appliances? Some customers have several different boxes spread across different departments, regions or even continents. Wouldn't it be great if you could easily see if there were other relevant results from your other Mini or GSA half way around the world? Now, in just a few simple steps, you can create a One Box that will call out to your other Mini or GSA and bring back results in fractions of a second.

Related Web Results
Related Web Results allows users to see public search results from a Custom Search Business Edition right next to their Google Search Appliance or Google Mini search results. This could be useful when searching for information that would also exist in public discussion groups, forums, or external blogs.

Google Search Appliance Admin Toolkit
GSA Admin Toolkit is a package of tools for GSA administrators. It contains scripts and modules for automating admin console tasks, simulating Google Search Appliance actions, and running tests against the appliance's various interfaces.

Google SAML Bridge for Windows
The Google SAML Bridge for Windows uses the SAML SPI supported by Google Search Appliance to support Windows Integrated Authentication.

Google SharePoint Connector for Google Search Appliance
The Google SharePoint Connector enables the Google Search Appliance to search and serve documents and other content stored in SharePoint.

The new Search-as-you-Type application allows you to add dynamic, real-time search to your Google Mini or Google Search Appliance. Your search box will dynamically present suggestions and auto-complete queries before the user is even done typing! In fact, we've architected it in such a way that you can use Search-as-you-Type on any text input field!

Parametric Search
Your content already has great meta data? Wouldn't it be nice to give your users access to that information to help refine their search results? The Google Search Appliance support for parametric search makes using that metadata a breeze. Simply plug in this AJAX-based UI component, and see search in a whole new light.

Do-it-Yourself Keymatches
Tired of getting dozens of requests to add keymatches? We have a better way! Let your users collaborate and improve your search automatically! Do-It-Yourself Keymatch lets your users automatically promote specific web pages for certain search terms. In conventional Keymatch, users have to ask their Google Search Appliance administrator to add the Keymatches for them. Now, users can do it themselves in minutes. Administrators can still monitor what's been added and deleted.

Google Connector Manager for Google Search Appliance
The Google Enterprise Connector Manager project contains source for Connector Manager, Connector SPI interfaces, associated javadocs, sample code and test suites. The Connector Manager is a server that manages creation, instantiation, scheduling and monitoring of connector plug-ins that supply content and provide authentication and authorization services to the Google Search Appliance. This is an early technical preview of the connector manager project and is not an officially supported feature of the Google Search Appliance.

Google Search Appliance XHTML Stylesheet
The Google Search Appliance XHTML Stylesheet defines a user interface for your Google Search Appliance that conforms to modern web standards including XHTML 1.0 Strict, XHTML Mobile Profile (XHTML-MP) and CSS 2.1. It generates well-formed, valid markup and is accessible in a variety of browsers and presentation modes.

Google Search Appliance Mobile Stylesheet
The Google Search Appliance Mobile Stylesheet defines a user interface for your Google Search Appliance to enable enterprise search by mobile workers. It customizes the look and behavior of Google's search page and search results page for optimal viewing on handheld devices.

OneBox Servlet Starter Kit
The OneBox Servlet Starter Kit provides the simple infrastructure and code to transform the Google OneBox for Enterprise API into a Java servlet based API. You can immediately deploy a sample OneBox module based in J2EE servlet technology by using the given OneBox provider servlets and deployable web application archive (WAR).

Google Search Appliance/Google Mini Java APIs
This is a Java API for querying the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini for search results, and it uses the Google Enterprise XML search protocol. This API was developed by Inxight Software.

C# feed utility for the Google Search Appliance
A feed pushing utility written in C# and built as an ASP.NET web service. Credits to author Gary Comstock.

OneBox Module for Customizing KeyMatch Behavior
This OneBox module mimics the Google Search Appliance's built-in KeyMatch functionality. By using this instead of the built-in KeyMatch feature, you can customize the Java Servlet implementation to provide alternative behavior that better suites your needs.

OneBox Module for LDAP and Exchange
This OneBox module will return users' names and phone numbers from an LDAP directory and return users' free and busy time scheduling information from a Microsoft Exchange Server. It is implemented in C# as a .NET web service. Credits to author Gary Comstock.

Javascript Search Term Highlighter
Javascript utility to highlight search terms in a web page. Include this javascript in your web pages to highlight search terms similar to how the Google Search Appliance and Google Mini highlights terms in its cached result pages. Credits to author Dave Lemen.

Google Search Appliance RSS Stylesheet
Syndicate Google Search Appliance search results out to RSS feed readers. Add a feed icon to your current front end stylesheet to provide this capability for users. Upon clicking the icon in a search result listing the user is provided a feed URL that he can subscribe to in his favorite RSS feed reading tool. Authoring credit to the team at SITESA.

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