Google Developers                                                                                                         November, 2023

New developer doc helps discover options to extend the Google Workspace UI

A major challenge for developers is understanding their options for extending the UI of Google Workspace: Google Workspace Add-ons, Editor Add-ons, Chat apps, Drive apps, and more! Each option has unique strengths, challenges, and limitations. Until now, there hasn't been a central place for developers to learn what's possible for extending the Google Workspace UI and to compare the limitations that exist in terms of coding options, UI frameworks, and which options can be published to the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Developer News

How Adobe’s Google Workspace Add-on let teams share designs while increasing productivity eightfold for their customers

Adobe realized that workflows among its corporate users were complex, with many different stakeholders across their businesses, in their own teams, and across other teams. These users had a common need to share work and feedback. The company wanted to make these processes more efficient and allow users to focus on the creative process and therefore they created integrations into the tools where their customers spent the most time.

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Webinar-Go from idea to app with AppSheet

Supercharge productivity with AI-powered features in AppSheet and Google Workspace and help everyone in your organization do their best work. Join our upcoming webinar and learn how organizations around the world use AppSheet and Google Workspace to transform how they operate by: 

- Empowering app creators to build apps easily, and conversationally, with Duet AI and Chat 

- Facilitating admins to easily manage apps and data while minimizing risk

- Helping app users accelerate work with powerful apps

Reserve your virtual seat now to learn how AppSheet and Google Workspace can help your team create and collaborate like never before.

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Google Classroom launches Rubrics API to Developer Preview Program

We are excited to announce that Rubrics CRUD functionality is now available for public preview in the Classroom API! This new feature allows developers to manage Classroom Rubrics on behalf of teachers. To learn more about the feature, participate in the preview, and share your feedback, see our Classroom API Roadmap and join the Workspace Developer Preview Program.

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Community Spotlight

Monitor your stock portfolio with Google Sheets and receive daily email reports. by @labnol 

How to use Google Sheets to monitor your stock portfolio. Get daily performance reports in your email inbox at a scheduled time. I have created a Stock tracker spreadsheet built inside Google Sheets that keeps track of my fictional stock portfolio. The stock prices in the Google Sheet are updated automatically using the GOOGLEFINANCE function.

Discovering Google AppSheet in 48 hours | Part 1. by Pablo Felip

In this post I will share my initial impressions and early findings using Google AppSheet during an intense weekend of exploration and learning.

Solutions Spotlight

Event Planning: Create a tournament bracket

Create a tournament bracket for up to 64 people or teams. This solution creates a tree diagram that represents a single-elimination tournament.

Using machine learning and AI in AppSheet

If you’ve ever wanted your application to auto-detect text or images, make predictions based on data, or command your app with your voice within a no-code application development platform, this video is for you. In this episode of Building with AppSheet, we’ll show how you can quickly create an OCR or predictive ML model within AppSheet. Watch to learn how ML and AI is streamlined and simplified within AppSheet!

Follow Santa this season with Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker is an annual tradition at Google, consisting of a web page that shows the current location of Santa as he makes his journey on December 24th, as well as an accompanying website with games and videos related to the season throughout December.