November, 2022

12 awesome ways for developers to learn, build, and grow with Google Workspace

2022 was also a year of growth. Google Workspace now has more than 3 billion users and over 8 million paying customers across the globe. And the Google Workspace Marketplace passed a lifetime milestone of driving more than 5 billion app installs. To wrap up a year marked by so much change, we’ve recapped some of the biggest updates that make Google Workspace the most open and extensible platform for users, customers, and developers alike.

Developer News

How Asana leveraged the Google Workspace platform to bring value to its customers

By developing the Gmail and Google Workplace add-ons, Asana made it much easier for teams to find and collaborate on work. Because emails, documents, and slides are now more accessible in Asana, teams that use both Asana and Google Workspace can more accurately track their projects. With less time spent on work about work, teams can enable greater creative ideation, improve employee engagement, and align more effectively around business goals.

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Building cards-based UIs for Chat apps

We are continuing to supplement our Google Chat app development documentation with more card templates - a solution gallery of card templates - and more card-related developer guides. Check the updates to Messaging, Interactivity, and UI widgets for better end user experiences.

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Manage Google Workspace APIs with ease

We recently added a unified way to access Google Workspace APIs through the Google Cloud Console—APIs for Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Chat, Slides, Calendar, and many more. From there, you now have a central location to manage all your Google Workspace APIs and view all of the aggregated metrics for the API in use. Learn how to get started.

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Community Spotlight

Import open-source custom functions for Google Sheets, built using Apps Script. by @choraria

Custom Functions allows you to instantly import functions created using Apps Script in the open source repository listed in You can even search for a specific function from the add-on.

Learn how to monetize your Google Workspace add-on. by @frenchcooc

This is the guide Corentin Brossault, co-founder of Mailmeteor, wished had existed a few years ago when he was researching how to monetize his mail merge add-on for Google Sheets.There are several ways to you can monetize Google Workspace add-ons and in his this blog post he shares with you how he did it at Mailmeteor.

Solutions Spotlight

Event Planning: Create a sign-up for an offsite

Create an end-to-end offsite activity sign-up system. The solution creates a form for employees to express their activity preferences, and matches employee preferences to the activity schedule.

Bringing AppSheet apps into Gmail

AppSheet dynamic email brings the power of no-code apps to Gmail so you don’t have to leave Gmail to interact with an app. In this episode of Building with AppSheet, Google Developer Advocate Christian Schalk demonstrates some of AppSheet’s dynamic email capabilities, including allowing users to interact with live data, and submitting data changes while in email view. Watch to learn how you can use AppSheet dynamic email!

Follow Santa this season with Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker is an annual tradition at Google, consisting of a web page that shows the current location of Santa as he makes his journey on December 24th, as well as an accompanying website with games and videos related to the season throughout December.