May, 2022

Introducing the Google Meet Live Sharing SDK

We recently announced at Google I/O new functionality for app developers to leverage the Google Meet video conferencing product through our new Meet Live Sharing SDK. Users can now come together and share experiences with each other inside an app, such as streaming a TV show, queuing up videos to watch on YouTube, collaborating on a music playlist, joining in a dance party, or working out together though Google Meet. This SDK joins the large set of offerings available to developers under the Google Workspace Platform.

Recap of Google Workspace Platform sessions

We had an amazing time at Google I/O 2022. Google Workspace developers connected with experts, got inspired, and expanded their knowledge. Sessions covering no-code platforms to automated Chat applications were presented and in case you missed them here’s a recap of sessions you might find interesting.  Check them out, they are still available on-demand.


The cloud built for developers: Learn how Google Cloud and Workspace teams are building cloud services to help developers and technologists create transformative applications.


Learn how to enable shared experiences across platforms with Google Meet: Explore how to enable shared experiences across platforms (Android, iOS, web).

What's new in the world of Google Chat apps: Integrate services with Google Chat, explore visual improvements to Google Chat apps, and discover new Google Chat API features.

Extending Google Workspace with AppSheet’s no-code platform and Apps Script: Learn how to configure the new Apps Script Connector in your AppSheet apps.


Building AppSheet apps with the new Apps Script connector: Building connected AppSheet and Apps Script apps using AppSheet’s new Apps Script connector.

Developer News

Now in Developer Preview: Create Spaces and Add Members with the Google Chat API

We are pleased to announce that you can programmatically create new Spaces and add members on behalf of users, through the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program via the Google Chat API.

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Developer Preview Program

Apply to join the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program to get early access to certain features. This program gives you the chance to shape the final stages of feature development with feedback, get pre-release support, and have your integration ready for public use on launch day.

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Solutions Spotlight

Automated responses to Forms feedback with Apps Script 

Automatically create draft email replies to feedback from Google Forms. This solution focuses on course feedback from students, but you can apply it to any use case for which you receive feedback via Google Forms.

How to build visitor check-in apps with AppSheet

For organizations with a hybrid work model, managing and booking space is quick and easy with AppSheet, Google’s no-code development platform.