December, 2021

Promote your Google Workspace Marketplace apps with the new badge for developers

Continuing with updates to further improve the developer experience, we are thrilled to announce Google Workspace Marketplace badges. The new badges will allow developers to promote their published Google Workspace Marketplace applications on their own websites. Users will be taken directly to the Marketplace application listing, where they can review application details, privacy policy, terms of service, and more. These users will then be able to securely install applications directly from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Developer News

How to build employee onboarding apps with AppSheet

Our AppSheet video series spotlights app ideas and Google Workspace integrations for common use cases, like inventory management, visitor check-in, & more. In this latest example, onboarding new employees is quick and easy with AppSheet, Google’s no-code development platform. 

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How Miro, Docusign, Adobe and Atlassian are helping organizations centralize their work

Google Workspace integrations bring users value by combining tools in one space. The Google ecosystem allows users to connect software and customized applications with Google Workspace to centralize information from everyday tools.Review the Workspace platform and see how Miro and Atlassian help organizations centralize work and keep important information just a click away.

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Community Spotlight

Using Google Forms API with Google Apps Script

We recently made the Forms API available in beta and in this post from Kanshi Tanaike, he shares an example where the Forms API is used to insert an image to a question. Check out how he does it, step by step.

What's new in the world of Chat Apps?

In this episode of Totally Unscripted, we’ll discuss “What’s new in the world of Chat Apps” with Aidha Shaikh, Product Manager on the Google Workspace Platform team, who leads the Chat App strategy at Google.

Meet Cleo Espiritu, Google Cloud Champion Innovator, Google Workspace @CinFourThirds

Cleo is based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her passion for designing and developing software that improves end-users’ lives led her to champion and educate on the use of Google Workspace and low code development for people to transform the way they work. Hear why she likes to use Apps Script.

Solutions Spotlight

GMass for Gmail

A powerful mail merge and mass email system for Gmail. Send mail merge in Gmail with Google Sheets, send cold emails with sequences that maximize responses, schedule emails in Gmail, and track opens, clicks, and replies.

Mailtrack for Gmail

Mailtrack is an email tracking tool. It tells you if your emails have been opened or not, and how many times, through its pixel-based tracking system. It also lets you know when the emails you receive are being tracked, with Mailtrack’s Incoming tracked email indicator.