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What's Happening at Google

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Gemini Pro is now available for you to build AI applications

Gemini was built from the ground up to be multi-modal, with today’s models accepting text and/or images as input, with text output. Get started with Google AI Studio, the fastest way to build with the Gemini API. Develop prompts and transform ideas into code for free with generous rate limits that will meet the needs of many developers to build generative AI applications. It’s available in 180 countries and territories worldwide and 38 languages.* 

We’re excited to see what you build with Gemini. ✨

*Please note that Gemini is not widely available in the EMEA region.

An illustration of 2 women holding 2 icons of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Calling all student developers!

The Google Developer Student Club Solution Challenge is here! Register today and build a solution that contributes to solving one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Registration is open to students globally.

Let's build!

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Join the Developer Content Creators and Online Communities Summit

The Developer Content Creators and Online Communities Summit is a global hybrid event that will bring together content creators and online community managers in the developer space from all around the world. 

Register to attend online on January 24-26, 2024.

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Gear up for the grand finale of DevFest 2023!

RSVP today to meet like-minded developers in your local community! Immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge tech and unlock your potential!

Google for Startups Accelerator: Applications are open!

A photo of a woman smiling at the camera

North American women-led startups are invited to apply for the 5th Google for Startups Accelerator: Women Founders cohort! Submit your application or recommend this 10-week accelerator program to women to apply by February 1, 2024.

White banner with the Women Founders logo in the midldle in bright blue and the Google for Startups logo at the top left corner

Join the Google for Startups Accelerator program for women-led tech startups based in Europe and Israel. Get access to the best of Google's products, practices, people and technology. Apply to this hybrid 12-week program by January 19, 2024.

A photo of a Black woman wearing a black shirt smiling at someone off camera. She has long brown straight hair an exudes confidence.

Applications for Black Founders are now open!

Applications for Black-led technology startups based in the US and Canada are now open through February 1, 2024. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain tools to become a more strategic, empathetic, and impact-focused leader. Black Founders will kick-off March 2024, submit your application today!

Power up your skills with the latest learning content!

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Try DuetAI free until February 2024!

Duet AI for Developers is an AI-powered collaborator providing assistance to help development teams build, deploy, and operate applications faster and more efficiently throughout the software development life cycle. Is generally available and free of cost until February 1, 2024!

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Customize & Prompt LLMs with MakerSuite

In this 2 part series, learn how you can easily test prompts for models like PaLM 2 and tune them to perform better for specific applications in a matter of minutes.

➡️ Read part 1: Introduction

➡️ Read part 2: Tuning LLMs

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Get to know Firebase for Flutter

Learn some of the basics of Firebase to create Flutter mobile apps! In this hands-on course, you'll learn how to build an event RSVP and guestbook chat app for Android and iOS, and to authenticate users with Firebase Authentication and sync data with Firestore.

A colorful illustration depicting different people in mobile devices in a circle. There are other illustrated elements like coulds and starts, and the text 'Duet AI for Developers' is highlighted in the center, on top of a blue rounded rectangle.

Master Android app building today!

Dive into Android Basics with Compose, a self-paced course to crafting stunning Android apps with the latest tools. ✨ No coding experience needed! Start your journey today and unlock a world of possibilities.

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Thank you for an amazing first year, Discord community!

To our amazing Google Developer Community on Discord, we extend our deepest gratitude! 2023 was filled with immense pride in what we've achieved together. Thank you for your unwavering support, enthusiasm, and positive energy that fueled our every step, while building our platform.

Happy holidays, we look forward to a bright new year together, both on the server and in many in-person events! 🎉

Join us on Discord

Community Highlights

Every month, we spotlight the contributions WTM Ambassadors are making to their community. Get inspired by their stories and successes.

Meet WTM Ambassador Victoria ✨

Victoria, a Peruvian woman standing in front of a white background. She's wearing a pink blouse and has her long light-brown hair lose while smiling at the camera.

Victoria is a System Engineer and Data Analyst at Interbank in Lima, Peru. She enjoys design, coding, and making a positive impact in the world through technology.

She got her start in tech by playing video games as a child and discovering her passion for HTML and CSS in school.

Like many women in tech, she battled self-doubt in the face of a fiercely competitive industry and limited female role models. But she honed her confidence, focusing on her goals and values, and she encourages other women to do the same. "Don't be afraid to ask questions, even if you are the only woman in a team. You are part of a bigger community, you are not alone!"

Now, as a Women Techmakers Ambassador she has a role as an advocate and speaker, building bridges (and friendships!) across cultures, and paving the way for a future brimming with women in tech.

⏯ In case you missed it...

A dynamic collection of panelist portraits showcasing the exceptional women shaping the tech landscape. Each panelist is featured in a vibrant, colorful frame, their name and title displayed prominently below their photo. From left to right, the panelists are: Madona Wambua, AI/ML Ambassador; Natalie Godec, Cloud Ambassador; and Ezinne Osuamadi, Android Ambassador

On December 6, 2023 we held our very first Networking event. The event featured a panel discussion with Madonna, Natalie, and Ezinne, our fierce WTM Ambassadors who shared about their tech career paths, knowledge-building strategies, and more. Ambassadors then led exciting conversations in networking tables fostering discussions about their area of expertise with our vibrant community of members.

Thank you for making our first a success! Stay tuned for more to come in 2024 ✨

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Set OKRs the right way for 2024

Turn your conceptual goals into concrete action plans and measurable initiatives. Learn how to write impactful and effective Objectives and Key results (better known as OKRs) and get ready for a thriving new year!

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