Overview (v2.0)

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The Google Webmaster Tools Data API allows client applications to view and update site information and Sitemaps in the form of Google Data API feeds.

Your client application can use the Google Webmaster Tools Data API to:

  • View a list of sites in your account
  • Add and remove sites from your account
  • Verify site ownership
  • Modify site settings
  • Retrieve a list of the keywords Google has found on your site
  • Submit and delete Sitemaps
  • Manage messages sent to your account by Google via the Message Center in Webmaster Tools
  • Retrieve a list of issues Google discovered while crawling your site

This developer's guide consists of the following sections:

To learn about the client library for Java, select the corresponding section. To learn more about the underlying protocol used by the client library, select the Protocol section.

Each section of the guide covers the same material: how to get started and how to perform basic operations.