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Lighthouse 2.7 Updates

Lighthouse 2.7 is out! Highlights include:

See the 2.7 release notes for the full list of new features, changes, and bug fixes.

How to update to 2.7

  • NPM. Run npm update lighthouse, or npm update lighthouse -g flag if you installed Lighthouse globally.
  • Chrome Extension. The extension should automatically update, but you can manually update it via chrome://extensions.
  • DevTools. Lighthouse 2.7 is shipping in Chrome 65. You can check what version of Chrome you're running via chrome://version. Chrome updates to a new version about every 6 weeks. You can run the latest Chrome code by downloading Chrome Canary.

New SEO audits

The new SEO category provides audits that help improve your page's ranking in search engine results.

The new SEO category. New audits include: Document uses legible font sizes,
            Has a meta viewport tag with width or initial-scale attribute,
            Document has a title element, Document has a meta description, Page has
            successful HTTP code, Links have descriptive text, Page isn't blocked from indexing,
            and Document has a valid hreflang.
Figure 1. The new SEO category

New, manual accessibility audits

The new, manual accessibility audits inform you of things you can do to improve the accessibility of your page. "Manual" here means that Lighthouse can't automate these audits, so you need to manually test them yourself.

The new, manual accessibility audits, which includes: The page has a logical tab order,
            Interactive controls are keyboard focusable, The user's focus is directed to new
            content added to the page, User focus is not accidentally trapped in a region,
            Custom controls have associated labels, Custom controls have ARIA roles, Visual order
            on the page follows DOM order, Offscreen content is hidden from assistive technology,
            Headings don't skip levels, and HTML5 landmark elements are used to improve
Figure 2. The new, manual Accessibility audits

Updates to the WebP audit

Thanks to some community feedback, the WebP audit is now more inclusive of other next-generation, high-performance image formats, like JPEG 2000 and JPEG XR.

The new WebP audit.
Figure 3. The new WebP audit

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