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Articles by Paul Bakaus

Open Web Developer Advocate at Google • Tools, Performance, Animation, UX

DevTools Digest: More Power with the New Command Menu

Read about DevTools' new command menu and its over 60 actions that enable super fast workflows.

A New Device Mode for a Mobile-First Generation

Learn all about Chrome DevTools' new, refreshed Device Mode introduced in Chrome 49.

Supercharged Remote Debugging, Class Toggles and Our Own Late Night Show?!

Learn all about the revamped “Inspect Devices” UI, toggle classes easily in the now-fixed style panel and watch the pilot of DevTools Tonight.

DevTools Go Dark, @keyframe Editing and Smarter Autocomplete

Learn how DevTools makes you type less with smarter Console autocomplete, how to edit @keyframe rules directly in the Styles pane, how to have fun with CSS Custom Variables and how to join the dark side.

Security Panel Debuts in Chrome DevTools

Learn all about the new Security Panel in Chrome DevTools.

DevTools Digest (CDS Edition): A Glimpse into the Future and RAIL Profiling

Learn how DevTools is going mobile first with a new, streamlined Device Mode that’s always on. Use the color buttons to quickly add colors to your selectors and find out what’s coming to DevTools soon.

DevTools Digest: Efficient Element Edits, Service Worker Debugging, and Material Design Shades

Use the DOM panel’s new context menu to efficiently edit nodes. Debug services workers directly via the Resources panel. Choose from all of the Material Design shades in the colorpicker. Blackbox JS libraries more easily.

DevTools Digest: Tab Reordering, Console is #2 and Framework Event Listeners

Re-order DevTools tabs which ever way suits you best and see exactly where framework events were bound.

Icons & Browser Colors

Modern browsers make it easy to customize certain components, like icons, the address bar color, and even add things like custom tiles. These simple tweaks can increase engagement and bring users back to your site.

DevTools Digest: Aggregated Timeline Details, Color Palettes and More

Find out which third-party scripts cause perf issues with the Aggregated Details in Timeline, how to choose consistent colors with the new color palette and much more.

A new home for DevTools

We've moved into our shiny new home at and have great new tutorials and tips for you.

DevTools Digest: Film strip and a new home for throttling

Discover the new film strip functionality and more in this first of many DevTools Digest updates.

Hard reload

With DevTools opened, click and hold the reload button to see more options.

A new home for DevTools

We've moved into a shiny new home at have great new tutorials and tips for you.