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Articles by Paul Irish

Paul is a contributor to WebFundamentals

Lighthouse 2.8 Updates

New perf and SEO audits, perf as the first section in reports, and more.

Flexbox layout isn't slow

Good news: new flexbox (display: flex) is 2.3x faster than old flexbox (display: box)!

DevTools answers: What font is that?

Ever wondered which font is actually being used to render text? Wonder no more as Chrome DevTools reveals all!

sourceMappingURL and sourceURL syntax changed

Profiling Long Paint Times with DevTools' Continuous Painting Mode

Interactive Globe with CSS shaders & Google Maps

When milliseconds are not enough:

requestAnimationFrame API: now with sub-millisecond precision

Websocket Frame Inspection now in Chrome DevTools

Round-up of Web Browser Internals Resources

Chrome Developer Tools for Speed

7 minute videos: JavaScript Console Protips & newish DOM APIs

HTML5 Libraries - Late June