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Articles by Dave Gash

Dave is a Tech Writer

Payment Method Basics

Understanding how payment methods are specified in the Payment Request API is mandatory for you. Learn 2 types of payment methods and how to create your own.

How Payment Request API Works

Learn how the Payment Request API works at a high level.

How the payment ecosystem works

Learn who are involved in the Web Payments ecosystem, how they interact each other and how you can get involved.

Web Payments Overview

Learn the concept of the Web Payments and how it works at a high level.

HTTP Requests

Graphical Content

HTTP Caching


Text Content

Wrap-up and Demo

Introduction to ARIA

Introduction to ARIA and non-native HTML semantics

Hiding and Updating Content

Hiding content from assistive technology

DOM Order Matters

The importance of the default DOM order

Introduction to Focus

Overview of screen focus in accessibility

Semantics and Navigating Content

The role of semantics in page navigation

The Accessibility Tree

Introduction to the Accessibility Tree

Using tabindex

Modifying the DOM order with tabindex

ARIA Labels and Relationships

Using ARIA labels to create accessible element descriptions

Introduction to Semantics

Introduction to semantics and assistive technology

Text Alternatives for Images

Using the alt attribute to provide text alternatives for images


Improving accessibility for web pages

Delivering Fast and Light Applications with Save-Data

The Save-Data client hint request header available in Chrome, Opera, and Yandex browsers enables developers to deliver fast and light applications to users who have opted-in to 'data saving' mode in the browser.