Corporate Contact

Use corporate contact markup on your official website to add your company's contact information to the Google Knowledge panel in some searches, for example when a user enters your company’s name into the Search bar.

Screenshot of rich snippet for a corporate contact in search results


Here's an example of a customer service number in JSON-LD.

Here's an example of multiple contact numbers in JSON-LD.

Here's an example of a customer service number and logo in JSON-LD.


In addition to the general structured data guidelines, Corporate Contact markup should follow these guidelines:

  • The organization record is specified first. The only required properties are:
    • url — must be the home page of the company's official site
    • contactPoint — one or more ContactPoint records
  • Pages with markup must not be blocked from crawling by robots.txt directives.

Structured data type definitions

You must include the required properties for your content to be eligible for display as a rich result. You can also include the recommended properties to add more information about your content, which could provide a better user experience.

Required properties


One of the following values, not case sensitive. Additional contact types may be supported later.

  • customer service
  • technical support
  • billing support
  • bill payment
  • sales
  • reservations
  • credit card support
  • emergency
  • baggage tracking
  • roadside assistance
  • package tracking

For each number, you can also indicate the following attributes:

  • Toll-free
  • Serves the hearing-impaired
  • Specific to a country or countries


An internationalized version of the phone number, starting with the "+" symbol and country code (+1 in the US and Canada).


  • +1-800-555-1212
  • +44-2078225951
Recommended properties


The geographical region served by the number, specified as a AdministrativeArea. Countries may be specified concisely using just their standard ISO-3166 two-letter code, as in the examples below. If omitted, the number is assumed to be global.


"areaServed": "US"
"areaServed": [

Text or Language

Details about the language spoken. Languages may be specified by their common English name. If omitted, the language defaults to English.


"availableLanguage": "English"
"availableLanguage": [


Details about the phone number. Currently only these are supported:

  • TollFree
  • HearingImpairedSupported