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Announce mobile billing charges clearly

If your site incurs mobile usage charges, clearly tell your users before any charges are applied.

Here are some best practices to ensure that your users are sufficiently informed about any mobile charges that they might incur:

  • Display billing information. Inform users on what actions they will be charged for, before being charged.
  • Billing information must be visible and obvious to the user. Don't hide or obfuscate crucial billing information. Ensure that the information is visible on all types of devices.
  • Make sure that the fee structure is clearly understandable. Include information about fee amounts and billing frequency; for example, is the fee charged daily, weekly, or monthly?

If your site or pages are triggering warnings in Chrome, check out your Security Issues report in Search Console for more information and example pages. After you have fixed the issue on your site, visit the report to request a review of your fixes. A successful review resolves the warnings.