AddonClient Primary interface for starting and stopping an add-on session. 
AddonSession An add-on session. 
AddonSession.Builder A builder for AddonSession
AddonSessionHandler Callbacks provided by the add-on app for a session. 
CoDoingClient Represents a co-doing session. 
CoDoingHandler Callback provided by the add-on app to handle remote co-doing updates. 
CoWatchingClient Represents a co-watching session. 
CoWatchingHandler Callbacks provided by the add-on app to handle remote co-watching updates and to query the state of the local media. 
MeetingStatusListener Listener to be registered with AddonClient
ParticipantMetadataHandler Callback to handle sharing participant metadata. 
QueriedCoWatchingState Represents the state of the co-watching activity for CoWatchingHandler.onStateQuery()


AddonClientFactory Provides a AddonClient
AddonExceptionMetadata Represents information about the AddonException
AddonMeetingInfo Represents information about the meeting associated with the add-on session. 
AddonMeetingInfo.Builder Builder for AddonMeetingInfo
ClientQueue Represents a queue of media items. 
ClientQueue.Builder Builder for ClientQueue
ClientQueueEntry Contains a single queue entry. 
ClientQueueEntry.Builder Builder for a ClientQueueEntry
CoDoingState Represents the state of the co-doing activity. 
CoDoingState.Builder Builder for CoDoingState
CoWatchingQueue Contains a client queue's data and/or server queue's metadata. 
CoWatchingQueue.Builder Builder for a CoWatchingQueue
CoWatchingState Represents the state of the co-watching activity. 
CoWatchingState.Builder Builder for CoWatchingState
MeetingStatus Represents information pertaining to the state or status of a Meet meeting. 
MeetingStatus.Builder Builder for MeetingStatus
ServerQueueParams Contains metadata for a queue stored on the server of a add-on application. 
ServerQueueParams.Builder Builder for a ServerQueueParams object. 


AddonClient.AddonFailureEventType Represents a failure event occurred before, during or after an add-on session. 
AddonException.Code Canonical error codes for AddonException
AddonMeetingInfo.MeetingStatus Describes the status of the user in Meet. 
AddonSessionHandler.EndReason Describes the reason the AddonSessionHandler.onSessionEnded(AddonSessionHandler.EndReason) callback was triggered. 
AddonSessionHandler.Privilege Describes a privilege that is allocated or revoked from a participant in an add-on session. 
CoWatchingState.PlaybackState Represents the current state of media playback. 
MeetingStatus.Status Describes the status of the user in Meet. 


AddonException Represents an unexpected error that occurred within the Meet Add-on's SDK.