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CoDoingSession Represents a co-doing session. 
CoDoingSessionDelegate Callbacks provided by the Live Sharing App to handle remote co-doing updates and to query the local state of the co-doing session. 
CoWatchingSession Represents a co-watching session. 
CoWatchingSessionDelegate Callbacks provided by the Live Sharing App to handle remote co-watching updates and to query the state of the local media. 
LiveSharingClient Primary interface for starting and stopping live sharing with Meet as the video provider. 
MeetingDisconnectHandler Callback provided by the live sharing app to handle the end of the connected meeting. 
ParticipantMetadataDelegate Callback to handle sharing participant metadata. 


CoDoingState Represents the state of the co-doing activity. 
CoDoingState.Builder Builder for CoDoingState
CoWatchingState Represents the state of the co-watching activity. 
CoWatchingState.Builder Builder for CoWatchingState
LiveSharingClientFactory Provides a LiveSharingClient
LiveSharingExceptionMetadata Represents information about the LiveSharingException
LiveSharingMeetingInfo Represents information about the meeting associated with the live sharing session. 
LiveSharingMeetingInfo.Builder Builder for LiveSharingMeetingInfo


CoWatchingState.PlaybackState Represents the current state of media playback. 
LiveSharingClient.LiveSharingFailureEventType Represents a failure event occurred before, during or after a live sharing activity. 
LiveSharingException.Code Canonical error codes for LiveSharingException
LiveSharingMeetingInfo.MeetingStatus Describes the status of the user in Meet. 
MeetingDisconnectHandler.EndReason Describes the reason the Meeting ended callback was triggered. 


LiveSharingException Represents an unexpected error that occurred within the Live Sharing API.