Licensing Selector for Google Maps APIs

What type of app or website are you building?

Select the category that best represents the app or website that you are building and learn more about plan options.


Apps or websites that are free for anyone to use.

Free Use Cases

Standard Plan: For free and publicly available apps/websites, use the Standard Plan.

Premium Plan: If you anticipate exceeding the Standard Plan usage limits or require 24/7 technical support and an SLA, contact us for a Premium Plan.


Apps or websites that require an end user or organization to pay a fee for download or access (e.g. freemium, OEM or subscription).

Paid Use Cases

Standard Plan: For Android/iOS, you may charge a fee via the Play or App stores for your app and use the Standard Plan.

Premium Plan: If you charge a subscription fee beyond the Play or App stores, you require the Premium Plan. Web service APIs and the JavaScript API require the Premium Plan.

Invite Only

Private apps or websites that have restricted access. This includes employee intranet or invite only communities.

Invite Only Use Cases

Standard Plan: Android apps built for private use may use the Standard Plan.

Premium Plan: Other than Android apps, private use requires a Premium Plan.

Asset Tracking

Apps or websites that track and monitor the position of people and/or things.

Asset Tracking Use Cases

Premium Plan: Asset Tracking use cases require a Premium Plan regardless of the platform you develop for.