Premium Plan: Summary of Changes for Renewal Customers

Where to manage your Client ID in the Google Cloud Console

The Premium Plan Client ID management functionality is migrating from the Support Portal to the Cloud Console on the Maps' Credentials page, under the Service Accounts section.

The new Client ID area on the Credentials page

Note: The Google Maps Platform Premium Plan is no longer available for sign up or new customers.

This summary of changes is for customers who are renewing a previous Maps API for Business or Maps APIs for Work license with the new Google Maps Platform Premium Plan, which became available in January 2016. For more information about the Premium Plan, see Premium Plan Overview.


Scaled access to APIs You now have access to our suite of services with a single usage quota.
Maps APIs Credits Base prices include a common pool of Maps APIs Credits; all requests to APIs consume credits from this pool.

Usage model

Usage rates Requests to Maps APIs consume Maps APIs Credits; usage rates vary by API.
QPD The free daily QPD limit for web service requests is a shared 100,000 requests, instead of separate limits for each API.
QPS QPS has increased from 10 QPS to 50 QPS for all web service APIs, including the Places API. Learn how to optimize web service usage or request a QPS increase.
Client-side requests Client-side requests are now charged the same usage rate as web service requests.
Map loads Page views for the Maps JavaScript API under the previous Maps APIs for Work and Maps API for Business offerings has been replaced by map loads. Map loads consume Maps APIs Credits only when a map is actually instantiated on a page.
Places API Both client-side and server-side requests for the Places API, including Place Autocomplete, consume Maps APIs Credits.


Credits usage reporting You can view usage of Maps APIs Credits on the Maps' Metrics page in the Google Cloud Console.

Application development

Provisioning All Google Maps Platform will be automatically provisioned with an API project in the Cloud Console. You'll receive both a project ID and a client ID.
API keys You can now use an API key with any Maps API. Or, you can choose to use a client ID with any Maps API, except the Places API, Roads API, Geolocation API, and Mobile SDKs.
Mobile SDKs You no longer need to have the Google Maps Mobile SDK for Work enabled on your Google Cloud Console project to access premium mobile features. You can now access these features in the Maps SDK for Android and the Maps SDK for iOS.
Dynamic library for Android With the Maps SDK for Android, you can now also use the dynamic library for Android instead of only the static library.


Support access Google Maps Platform Premium Plan includes the same 24-hour technical support you have now.
Service-level agreement Google Maps Platform Premium Plan is backed by the same SLA you have now.