Quota and Reporting

For customers with a previous Google Maps APIs for Work or Google Maps API for Business license, the Places API is purchased as part of the Places SDK for Work. This section of the documentation describes the usage limits and reporting for that API.


If you've purchased the Places SDK for Work as part of your Google Maps APIs for Work contract, your limits will be listed in the Quotas section of the API, viewable in the Google Cloud Console.

To view your quota limits, go to the Quotas page in the Cloud Console.


The 10-times multiplier applied to Text Search requests does not apply if you've purchased the Places API as part of your Google Maps APIs for Work contract. Each Text Search request that you make will count as 1 request against your quota. For more about multipliers, please refer to the Places API usage limits.


The Dashboard page of the API console provides access to detailed usage reports for the Places API.

If you have more than one API project, make sure to select the appropriate one from the project drop-down (near the Google APIs logo at the top left of the page).