Google Maps Image APIs

This page is only for customers with a previous Maps APIs for Work or Maps API for Business license. This page is not applicable to customers with the new Google Maps Platform Premium Plan, which became available in January 2016.


The Google Maps image APIs make it easy to embed an image using the Maps Static API or Street View Static API panorama into your web page, with no need for JavaScript.

The APIs are as simple as constructing a URL with the information about your image; once the URL is loaded from an image tag, Google will create and return your map or Street View scene.

Google Maps APIs for Work customers can request larger image sizes (2048 pixels by 2048 pixels) and a higher scale value (up to 4).

You will have received a welcome letter from Google upon purchasing your Google Maps APIs for Work license. That letter contains your client ID and your private cryptographic key. These are important pieces of information and should be stored safely.

Your Google Maps APIs for Work license also grants access to the Google Maps Platform web services and the Maps JavaScript API. Please refer to these sections for more information.

Authentication by client ID and digital signature

You must include your client ID and cryptographic URL signing secret (a digital signature) in all API requests. Your client ID identifies you as a Google Maps APIs for Work customer and enables support and purchased quota for your application. Your digital signature allows our servers to verify that any site generating requests using your client ID are authorized to do so. Requests made without a client ID and digital signature are not eligible for Google Maps APIs for Work benefits.

If you're switching from the free API services to a Google Maps APIs for Work implementation, you must remove the key parameter from your requests. Google Maps image APIs will deny requests made with both a client ID and a key.

More information on authentication and authorization can be found on the Authentication and Authorization page.

If you have lost your client ID or cryptographic URL signing secret, you can recover it by logging in to the Google Cloud Console and clicking Maps: Manage Client ID from the links on the left of the page.

Developer documentation

The main developer documentation for the Google Maps image APIs can be found at:

Getting help

Google Maps APIs for Work customers have access to telephone and email support, as well as to the Cloud Console. Contact information is available on the Support and resources page.