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typedef NSString GMTSFleetEngineIDString
 Denotes values which must conform to Fleet Engine restrictions on string ID fields.

Typedef Documentation

typedef NSString GMTSFleetEngineIDString

Specifies an ID field that is of type String.

The Consumer SDK receives string data from other APIs and passes that data unmodified to Fleet Engine. However, Fleet Engine requires that some string-typed data conform to specific rules. Data passed through the Consumer SDK to Fleet Engine may result in request failure if the data format doesn't conform. To prevent request failures to Fleet Engine, use this typedef to identify which fields from incoming calls must follow the following formatting rules:

  • The string must be a valid UTF-8 string in UTF normalized form C (see http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr15/).
  • The string must be no longer than 64 characters in length.
  • The string must not contain the characters '/', ':', '?', ',', or '#'.

It is the responsibility of the caller of Ridesharing SDK APIs to conform their ID strings to the above restrictions; the SDK itself will pass the input values unmodified to the backend. Non-conforming strings will generally result in request failures.