Max Zoom

MaxZoomService class

google.maps.MaxZoomService class

A service for obtaining the highest zoom level at which satellite imagery is available for a given location.

Parameters:  None
Creates a new instance of a MaxZoomService that can be used to send queries about the maximum zoom level available for satellite imagery.
getMaxZoomAtLatLng(latlng[, callback])
Return Value:  Promise<MaxZoomResult>
Returns the maximum zoom level for which detailed imagery is available at a particular LatLng for the satellite map type. As this request is asynchronous, you must pass a callback function which will be executed upon completion of the request, being passed a MaxZoomResult.

MaxZoomResult interface

google.maps.MaxZoomResult interface

A MaxZoom result in JSON format retrieved from the MaxZoomService.

Type:  number
The maximum zoom level found at the given LatLng.
status optional
Type:  MaxZoomStatus optional
Status of the request. This property is only defined when using callbacks with MaxZoomService.getMaxZoomAtLatLng (it is not defined when using Promises).

MaxZoomStatus constants

google.maps.MaxZoomStatus constants

The status returned by the MaxZoomService on the completion of a call to getMaxZoomAtLatLng(). Specify these by value, or by using the constant's name. For example, 'OK' or google.maps.MaxZoomStatus.OK.

ERROR An unknown error occurred.
OK The response contains a valid MaxZoomResult.