Semantic Tile Proto and Example Server

The protocol buffer interface in semantictileapi.proto is used by the Unity SDK to retrieve feature and terrain tile resources. A replacement service should implement this API. An example Python server is included to demonstrate how parameters are passed by the SDK, and how the response should be formed for compatibility with the SDK.

Download the archive

The archive contains the following files:

  • semantictileapi.proto is a protocol buffer definition used by the Unity SDK to retrieve feature and terrain tile resources.

  • is an example server that demonstrates protocol buffer serialization and serving that is compatible with the SDK.

  • BUILD.bazel and WORKSPACE.bazel together comprise a Bazel project that you can use to generate the protocol buffer bindings for Python. See for more information about how to install and use Bazel.

  • shows some examples of how to create FeatureTiles and TerrainTiles using python.

How to run

After installing Bazel, you can simply run the following command to build and start the server:

> bazel run server

If you don't want to install Bazel, you can also build the Python protocol buffer library using Protoc. See Protocol Buffer Basics: Python for information about how to use the protoc tool, although we recommend to use Bazel to build this example.

You can send a request to the running server with cURL:

> curl 'localhost:8000/featuretiles/@120588,78656,17z?alt=proto' --output test_feature
> curl 'localhost:8000/terraintiles/@120588,78656,17z?alt=proto' --output test_terrain

If you want to see a human-readable format, use alt=json

> curl 'localhost:8000/featuretiles/@120588,78656,17z?alt=json'

More information about the feature and terrain tile formats can be found in the comments of semantictileapi.proto.