NOTICE: Google Maps Platform gaming services is deprecated as of October 18, 2021. Current users will have continued access until December 31, 2022. During this time, we will continue to provide support and fixes to major bugs and outages. See the Gaming Services Transition Guide for resources to help you plan the next steps for your projects.

Playable Locations API 概览

使用集合让一切井井有条 根据您的偏好保存内容并对其进行分类。

Playable Locations API 提供一系列精选和生成的地理点(可播放位置)。Google 之所以选择每个可玩地点,是因为它适合在基于地理位置的游戏中使用,作为修理仓和游戏奖品等的生成点(或许您能想到其他用途?)。


您调用 Playable Locations API,以根据需要接收批量的可播放位置。

根据服务条款的要求,试玩位置只能与 Maps SDK for Unity 结合使用。