Client Kill Switch

The Maps SDK for Unity provides a kill-switch mechanism that selectively forces client updates. The mechanism is designed to address situations where released clients unexpectedly end-up in a bad, unrecoverable state, that might become problematic for either Google (e.g., an excessive number of server requests), or for the end user (e.g., excessive mobile data usage).

Although client testing can go a long way, it's impossible to achieve 100% test coverage due to unknown context changes such as an OS updates, or a new hardware configuration. If an issue arises, the Maps SDK for Unity can check a range of client signals to precisely block affected clients. These signals include the package ID, the version, the Maps SDK for Unity build version, the OS identification, and the device model.

From the client's perspective, the kill switch works similar to the regular error handlers . If the kill switch is employed, the DetailedErrorCode is set to UnsupportedClientVersion, and the application is responsible for providing the user with an upgrade path.