In light of COVID-19, please review the latest announcement regarding the Reserve with Google guidelines for supporting users and merchants during this time. Additionally, since we are operating with a limited support team, it may take longer to connect with us. Thank you for your patience, and we value your partnership.

Providing structured menu data

Google partners may provide structured menu data to Google through their Reserve with Google integration for use in the Menu section of a restaurant's placesheet.

Figure 1: Placesheet with a menu section

Figure 2: Example menu

Menu data are ingested through your existing Reserve with Google integration using a capability called generic feeds Before you begin, take a few minutes to ensure that you have completed the account setup steps and read through Using the Generic feed dropbox for an overview of the generic feed upload process and an explanation on how to configure your account for generic feed uploads.

Creating and uploading menu feeds

When creating and uploading menu feeds, please keep the following in mind:

  • Follow the spec described in menu feed.
  • In the filesetdesciptor, set the name field to reservewithgoogle.merchant_menu.
  • Menu feeds should be uploaded to the generic SFTP drop box daily as full refreshes.
  • Menu feed ingestion status can be found in the Feeds section of the partner portal.