CreateLease method



Return value


// Request to create a Lease for a slot in the inventory.  The expiration time
// in the returned Lease may be modified by the backend, e.g. if the requested
// lease period is too long.
message CreateLeaseRequest {
  // The lease to be created with information about the appointment slot
  // (required)
  Lease lease = 1;

// Response for the CreateLease RPC with the created Lease.
message CreateLeaseResponse {
  // The created Lease (required)
  Lease lease = 1;

  // If creating a lease fails, this field should reflect the business logic
  // error (e.g., slot has become unavailable) and lease field is expected to be
  // unset. (required if failure occurs)
  BookingFailure booking_failure = 2;
// Temporary lease for an inventory slot
message Lease {
  // ID of the lease.
  // Not populated in CreateLeaseRequest. The value is chosen by the partner and
  // has to be returned in the response of CreateLease. (required)
  string lease_id = 1;

  // The appointment slot that the lease is created for. (required)
  Slot slot = 2;

  // Unique identifier for this lease, chosen by Reserve with Google. Serves as
  // an idempotency token for CreateLease requests. (required)
  string user_reference = 3;

  // Expiration time of the lease in UTC Timestamp (required)
  int64 lease_expiration_time_sec = 4;

// Reference to a Lease that has been created via CreateLease.
message LeaseReference {
  // Lease ID (required)
  string lease_id = 1;