In light of COVID-19, please review the latest announcement regarding the Reserve with Google guidelines for supporting users and merchants during this time. Additionally, since we are operating with a limited support team, it may take longer to connect with us. Thank you for your patience, and we value your partnership.


For any given availability slot, can a business provide a different price for each staff member who performs the same service?
Yes, you can provide a per-staff member, per-availability slot price for a service if you provide a collection of payment options within the merchant feed. See the PaymentOption message for details on the exact set of fields that define a payment_option.
Can time slots overlap?
Yes, slots might overlap because intervals between time slots don't have to be equal in duration. These intervals can be much shorter than service duration. This allows you to handle business logic on your end. For example, there can be one time one slot from 9 AM to 10 AM and another slot from 9:15AM to 10:15AM for the same service.
Must we submit all permutations of employees, services, time slots, and rooms in distinct availability slots for a given service?
Yes, you should provide all availability details so that we can present this information to the users.
What's the format and representation of timestamps in the availability feed?
All timestamps should be in UNIX time format in UTC.
When you use recurrence, can exception times that are back-to-back be combined into one?
Yes, they can be combined.
Can we show merchant-specific terms of service?
Yes, these can be provided in the terms field in the merchants feed. When set, there's a statement below the book button in the form that states the following: "By continuing, you agree to <merchant>'s Terms of Service." In this case, "Terms of Service" is a link that, when clicked, displays the text set in the terms text field.
Can partners include merchants with more than one location?
Yes, partners can do this if they add each location separately in the merchant's feed.
What should the category field contain in the merchant's feed? Should this be specific or more general?
The category field input can be specific. For example, a restaurant might submit a specific restaurant type, such as French or Japanese, rather than just restaurant. For details, see Place types for potential category values.
For services that don't have a set length, what should be submitted as duration_sec in the availability feed slot?
Set the value to something reasonable for the service, such as an average time requirement.
What's shown to the user when min_advance_online_canceling is set versus when it's not set?
If min_advance_online_canceling is set to a specific time, this message is shown to the user: "If you made a booking and cannot attend, please cancel your booking <min_advance_online_canceling> in advance." If min_advance_online_canceling isn't set, this generic message is shown to the user: "If you can’t make it to your booking, please call <merchant> directly at <phone number> to inquire about your refund/cancellation policy."
How can I see the data on the Reserve with Google UI before the feeds go live?
In the Partner Portal, you can look under the "Inventory details" tab to see the details about the data from your feeds. If you've uploaded feeds to the sandbox environment, you can also click the link in the "List of enabled merchants" table, which is the last table on the "Inventory details" tab, to see a merchant in the sandbox frontend.
How do I access the links to the sandbox frontend?
You can only access sandbox links from Google accounts that are enabled as users in the Partner Portal.