Brands configuration

This page gives you guidance on how to create, modify, and delete brands that are associated with your account. You must upload at least one brand prior to launch.

Required Fields

  • Brand name: The name of the brand, which will be visible externally to users.
  • ID: Every brand must have a unique ID associated with it. Brand IDs are alphanumeric strings. Upon account creation, a default brand is also created, and this brand's ID is represented by an empty string.
  • Merchant sign up: URL to the brand's merchant sign-up page.
  • Privacy Policy URL: URL to the brand's privacy policy page.
  • Terms of Service URL: URL to the brand's terms of service page.
  • Logo: See specific logo requirements below.

Every merchant that you submit to Reserve with Google by data feeds or API requests is strictly associated with a single brand. If the brand ID is left unset, a merchant is associated with the default brand.

End-to-end integration

Each brand can have its own logo, as well as its own Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Merchant signup URLs. Country-specific URLs can also be specified, which, if provided, override the brand-level URLs based on the location of the merchant.

Defining multiple brands is optional. It is recommended if your business manages multiple user-facing brands, or if your business operates in multiple countries that each have their own unique branding.

The requirements to upload a logo for an integration are the following:

Logo Guidelines

Although brands and their associated attributes are defined per environment, it's generally recommended that you keep your brand definitions synchronized between your Sandbox and Production Environments.

If you wish to update our partners page with a new logo or URL, open a case on Partner Portal for support. The logos on the partners page aren't the same logos used in "Brand Configuration."

Starter integration

Each brand can have its own logo and country-specific URLs.

The requirements to upload a logo for a starter integration are the following:

Logo Guidelines