Booking server testing

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The "Booking Server testing" tab, within the Booking Server configuration page, allows you run manual tests against your booking server to determine whether a connection can be established and whether the various endpoints are functioning properly. This tab is only accessible if you use the newest REST-based API v3 booking server.


The Booking Server testing tool is a hosted version of the installable tool that is provided here. The tests available in the hosted tool are identical to those provided in the installable tool. It is recommended that you use the hosted tool for running tests once your booking server endpoint has been publicly exposed and secured.

Running a test

To run a new test, click the "Start new test" button, and enter a merchant ID and service ID that you wish to test against. Once you enter a valid set of of values, a list of tests will be populated that are applicable to the specific merchant ID and service ID that you specified.

Select the tests that you would like to run, and the number of slots you want to test against, and click "Run".

Each of the tests is named according to the method that is being tested. Refer to the Booking Server reference documentation to understand what each test corresponds to.

BatchAvailabilityLookup versus CheckAvailability setting

There are two similar methods, BatchAvailabilityLookup and CheckAvailability, that test whether booking slots are available. Only one of these two methods can be used in a single set of tests. All newer Reserve with Google integrations should use the newer BatchAvailabilityLookup method.

Note that the BatchAvailabilityLookup or CheckAvailability method is implicitly called immediately after the CreateBooking or CreateOrder tests are run, so ensure that your booking server supports whichever method is chosen here.

Available tests

The following tests are available

Test name Applicability Description
Health Bookings, Orders, Waitlists Tests the HealthCheck method.
BatchAvailabilityLookup or CheckAvailability Bookings, Orders Tests the BatchAvailabilityLookup or CheckAvailability methods. Making a selection here also determines which method is implicitly called when CreateBooking or CreateOrder tests are run. BatchAvailabilityLookup is the default method.
CreateBooking Bookings Tests the CreateBooking method.
ListBookings Bookings Tests the ListBookings method against created bookings.
BookingStatus Bookings Tests the BookingStatus method against created bookings.
UpdateBooking Bookings Tests the UpdateBooking method against created bookings.
CancelAllBookings Bookings This option assumes that the ListBookings and UpdateBooking endpoints are fully functional. This is a convenience flag for purging your system of all previously created bookings.
CreateOrder Orders Tests the CreateOrder method.
ListOrders Orders Tests the ListOrders method.
CreateWaitlistEntry Waitlists Tests the CreateWaitlistEntry method.
DeleteWaitlistEntry Waitlists Tests the DeleteWaitlistEntry method against the waitlist entry that was created in the CreateWaitlistEntry test.
GetWaitlistEntry Waitlists Tests the GetWaitlistEntry method against the waitlist entry that was created in CreateWaitlistEntry test.
BatchGetWaitEstimates Waitlists Tests the BatchGetWaitEstimates method.


Once the tests have been run, a summary of the results will be shown below, as well as results from recently-run tests. The run date, list of tests, completion status, number of passing tests, and number of failing tests will be summarized. Tests results will be shown in reverse chronological order.

Click on a test result row to view a detailed summary about which tests passed and failed, and to view the output log. If you have any questions about the results of your booking server tests, please ensure that you communicate the test timestamp and relevant log output to your Reserve with Google contact.