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Test the booking server

All partners must test their booking server before it is launched in Sandbox and Production environments. To help with this, a hosted booking server testing tool and an installable testing tool are provided that run through a series of method checks that ensure that the booking server works properly. Each tool contains the same set of tests.

Hosted booking server testing tool

To use the hosted booking server testing tool, first configure the booking server url, username, and password for each environment. Further instructions on booking server configuration can be found in the Partner Portal documentation.

Detailed instructions on how to use the hosted booking server testing tool can be found here.

Installable booking server v3 testing tool

You may test your booking server internally before its endpoint is exposed by installing the Maps Booking v3 Test Client in your own environment.

List of tests

To view a list of available tests, refer to the hosted booking server testing tool documentation. The tests listed here are also available in the installable tool.