2017 - 2018 Announcements

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Released API v3 (REST) based on REST for implementing a Booking Server. We expect this to reduce complexity for our integration partners. The gRPC based interface is still supported but not recommended for new integrations.
Released sample code for gRPC Server and Booking API Client to help our partners with Step 5 and Step 7 within our end-to-end integration.
Released a new Partner Dashboard to help give our partners insights into their inventory on our platform.
Made enhancements to the API v2 CheckAvailability such that additional availability slots can be updated in a single response.
Rolled out a new gRPC Test Client to help partners self-test their gRPC server. Check it out.
Released the developer documentation for API v2! Check out the Guides section and the References section for details. The v2 APIs will help reduce complexity of the gRPC server implementation.
Released a new version of the developer documentation! Check out the new Guide section for step-by-step instructions on how to integrate with us.