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Build custom maps and location-based applications for web, Android, and iOS.

With interactive maps imagery, rich data about places, and real-time optimized routes, bring comprehensive, accurate information about the world to users in your apps. Set up a project enabled with Google Maps Platform and explore our APIs and SDKs.



Dive into Google Maps Platform with guided, hands-on coding experiences.


The most common use case for building a custom map is to display multiple locations of a business on a map. Well use GeoJSON data format to store information about stores, display them on a map, customize the markers, and customize the map itself.


Learn to use Google Maps Platforms Maps and Places APIs to build a local business search, which geolocates the user and shows interesting places around them. The app integrates location, place details, place photos, and more.


Learn how to use the Google Maps Platform Maps and Places SDKs for Android to present the user wtih a list of possible nearby places to identify their current location.

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Build customized, agile experiences that bring the real world to your users with static and dynamic maps, Street View imagery, and 360° views.

Help users discover the world with rich location data for over 150 million places. Enable them to find specific places using phone numbers, addresses, and real-time signals.

Help your users find the best way to get from A to Z with comprehensive data and real-time traffic.

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