Prices API v2.1

The Prices API lets you get itinerary/pricing data for a given hotel.


GET base_path/api_version/account_id/prices/hotel_id


Path Parameter Description
api_version v2.1
account_id A master account ID. If you specify a sub account, this API does not return a response.
hotel_id (Required) The ID for the hotel you want data. This ID must match the ID you use in your Hotel List Feed.

Query String Paramaters


Supported Methods

HTTP Method Description
GET Gets pricing and itinerary data for the given hotel.

Getting pricing and itinerary data

You can use the Prices API to get pricing and itinerary data about a particular hotel.

To get pricing data, send a GET request with the following URL syntax:


The following example gets pricing data for the 1066 hotel in account 4200042:


The Prices API sends a response that contains a Prices object which contains an array of itinerary/pricing combinations.

The following sample response shows a simple response for hotel 1066:

  "kind": "travelpartner#prices",
  "googleClusterId": "13493672096533882764",
  "Prices": [
      "Checkin": "06/01/2016",
      "Nights": 2,
      "Baserate": 164.98,
      "TaxAndOtherFees": 21.61,
      "Currency": "USD",
      "LastUpdateTime": "2016-05-30 11:44:01",
      "IsVisible": true,
      "IsComplete": true,

        "Baserate": 150,
        "TaxAndOtherFees": 200,
        "Currency": "USD"
      "Checkin": "06/01/2016",
      "Nights": 1,
      "LastUpdateTime": "2016-05-27 13:09:31",
      "IsVisible": false,
      "IsComplete": true,
      "ErrorReasons": [
        "Room unavailable."

The following table describes the return values for Prices API fields:

Element Description
Kind The API that returned the result. Takes the form: travelpartner#API_type.
Prices The Prices array includes the following information about each itinerary for the property:
  • Checkin: The check-in date for the itinerary, in the format MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Nights: The number of nights for the itinerary, as an integer.
  • Baserate: The base price of the room or Room Bundle.
  • TaxAndOtherFees: The value of taxes and fees, if they were itemized in the Hotel Price Feed.
  • Currency: The three-letter currency code for the price.
  • LastUpdateTime: Specifies the last time the pricing data for this property was updated, as a timestamp.
  • IsVisible: Indicates whether or not this price is visible to end-users. A value of "false" typically indicates that there was an error with the bid. In this case, the Prices API includes the ErrorReasons field that describes the error.
  • IsComplete: Indicates whether the pricing data for the property is complete. Data can be considered incomplete if the taxes and fees are not available, but the property's price is tagged as all-inclusive.
  • ErrorReasons: Indicates the reason for a problem with the property's pricing. For more information, see Prices API errors.

Prices API errors

In some cases, the Prices API returns a pricing error for a hotel. The API describes the error in an ErrorReasons field. Possible values include:

  • Price missing: The price for this itinerary is missing.
  • Partner inactive: This partner is not currently active.
  • Property disabled: This property has been disabled for this partner by Google.
  • Incomplete taxes and fees: This itinerary does not have appropriate information for taxes and fees.
  • Missing taxes and fees: The taxes and fees for this itinerary are missing.
  • Currency missing: The currency information is not available.
  • Room unavailable: A room is not available for this itinerary.
  • All inclusive rate set: The all-inclusive rate was set. (This property might not appear for US/CA locations.)

Prices API Changes

Changes to version 2.1 of the Prices API include the following:

  • The API endpoint has changed from base_path/v2.0/... to base_path/v2.1/...