Record time and activities in Calendar and Sheets

Create calendar events for your activities, and synchronise to your timesheet in sheets for reporting.

Last updated: September, 2019

Contributed by Jasper Duizendstra, follow me at @Duizendstra

Keeping track of the time spent on project for customers can be a challenge. Not all time writing apps are user friendly and sometimes you need to record your time in multiple systems. You can end up spending a lot of time writing time on a daily basis in a stubborn system and synchronise that time to other systems.

To solve this problem we can use the one time related application we have open every day, Google Calendar. In an additional calendar we can quickly add an event for the appropriate timeslot. Then add a short description and forget about it. Art the end of the week you synchronise the calendar with a Google sheet. Categorize by customer, project and task based on the description and the data is structured for further processing. Use the dashboard or write a simple query to report or copy in other time sheets.


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  1. Create your secondary calendar: Create a new calendar
  2. Copy the calendar id. This can be found in the calendar settings
  3. Copy this sheet
  4. In the configuration tab you paste the id of the calendar you created in step one.
  5. Add some events to the secondary calender and hit MyTime -> Sync calendar events

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To get started with Google Apps Script, try out the codelab which guides you through the creation of your first script.

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