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Work in progress

The following features are currently being developed for G Suite add-ons, but are not yet available:

  • Extending the G Suite add-on experience to new host apps, like Google Sheets.
  • Configuration controls to optionally allow contextual cards to show as a notification, without hiding homepage content, when the user moves into that context (for example, when a user selects a message thread to open in Gmail). Currently the contextual cards replace the existing homepage cards.
  • Improving the content of the auto-generated homepage cards to include more information about the add-on itself.
  • Add-on installation controls from the Gmail, Calendar, and Drive hosts.
  • Allow specifying card structure, content, and responses in JSON format, similar to Google Chat bot card construction, instead of using the Card service.
  • Controls to allow the displayed homepage cards to be periodically refreshed automatically, in case add-on state has changed since the last render.

When these features become available they will be listed in the Add-ons release notes.