Caution: You are viewing documentation for the API's REST interface. Most of our official client libraries use gRPC. See the REST Introduction for details.

REST Resource: customers.distanceViews

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Resource: DistanceView

A distance view with metrics aggregated by the user's distance from an advertiser's location extensions. Each DistanceBucket includes all impressions that fall within its distance and a single impression will contribute to the metrics for all DistanceBuckets that include the user's distance.

JSON representation
  "resourceName": string,
  "distanceBucket": enum (DistanceBucket),
  "metricSystem": boolean


Output only. The resource name of the distance view. Distance view resource names have the form:



enum (DistanceBucket)

Output only. Grouping of user distance from location extensions.



Output only. True if the DistanceBucket is using the metric system, false otherwise.


The distance bucket for a user’s distance from an advertiser’s location extension.

UNSPECIFIED Not specified.
UNKNOWN Used for return value only. Represents value unknown in this version.
WITHIN_700M User was within 700m of the location.
WITHIN_1KM User was within 1KM of the location.
WITHIN_5KM User was within 5KM of the location.
WITHIN_10KM User was within 10KM of the location.
WITHIN_15KM User was within 15KM of the location.
WITHIN_20KM User was within 20KM of the location.
WITHIN_25KM User was within 25KM of the location.
WITHIN_30KM User was within 30KM of the location.
WITHIN_35KM User was within 35KM of the location.
WITHIN_40KM User was within 40KM of the location.
WITHIN_45KM User was within 45KM of the location.
WITHIN_50KM User was within 50KM of the location.
WITHIN_55KM User was within 55KM of the location.
WITHIN_60KM User was within 60KM of the location.
WITHIN_65KM User was within 65KM of the location.
BEYOND_65KM User was beyond 65KM of the location.
WITHIN_0_7MILES User was within 0.7 miles of the location.
WITHIN_1MILE User was within 1 mile of the location.
WITHIN_5MILES User was within 5 miles of the location.
WITHIN_10MILES User was within 10 miles of the location.
WITHIN_15MILES User was within 15 miles of the location.
WITHIN_20MILES User was within 20 miles of the location.
WITHIN_25MILES User was within 25 miles of the location.
WITHIN_30MILES User was within 30 miles of the location.
WITHIN_35MILES User was within 35 miles of the location.
WITHIN_40MILES User was within 40 miles of the location.
BEYOND_40MILES User was beyond 40 miles of the location.



Returns the attributes of the requested distance view.