Caution: You are viewing documentation for the API's REST interface. Most of our official client libraries use gRPC. See the REST Introduction for details.


A feed item.

JSON representation
  "resourceName": string,
  "attributeValues": [
      object (FeedItemAttributeValue)
  "geoTargetingRestriction": enum (GeoTargetingRestriction),
  "urlCustomParameters": [
      object (CustomParameter)
  "status": enum (FeedItemStatus),
  "policyInfos": [
      object (FeedItemPlaceholderPolicyInfo)
  "feed": string,
  "id": string,
  "startDateTime": string,
  "endDateTime": string


Immutable. The resource name of the feed item. Feed item resource names have the form:



object (FeedItemAttributeValue)

The feed item's attribute values.


enum (GeoTargetingRestriction)

Geo targeting restriction specifies the type of location that can be used for targeting.


object (CustomParameter)

The list of mappings used to substitute custom parameter tags in a trackingUrlTemplate, finalUrls, or mobile_final_urls.


enum (FeedItemStatus)

Output only. Status of the feed item. This field is read-only.


object (FeedItemPlaceholderPolicyInfo)

Output only. List of info about a feed item's validation and approval state for active feed mappings. There will be an entry in the list for each type of feed mapping associated with the feed, for example, a feed with a sitelink and a call feed mapping would cause every feed item associated with that feed to have an entry in this list for both sitelink and call. This field is read-only.



Immutable. The feed to which this feed item belongs.


string (int64 format)

Output only. The ID of this feed item.



Start time in which this feed item is effective and can begin serving. The time is in the customer's time zone. The format is "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS". Examples: "2018-03-05 09:15:00" or "2018-02-01 14:34:30"



End time in which this feed item is no longer effective and will stop serving. The time is in the customer's time zone. The format is "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS". Examples: "2018-03-05 09:15:00" or "2018-02-01 14:34:30"


A feed item attribute value.

JSON representation
  "priceValue": {
    object (Money)
  "integerValues": [
  "booleanValues": [
  "stringValues": [
  "doubleValues": [
  "feedAttributeId": string,
  "integerValue": string,
  "booleanValue": boolean,
  "stringValue": string,
  "doubleValue": number

object (Money)

Price value. Should be set if feedAttributeId refers to a feed attribute of type PRICE.


string (int64 format)

Repeated int64 value. Should be set if feedAttributeId refers to a feed attribute of type INT64_LIST.



Repeated bool value. Should be set if feedAttributeId refers to a feed attribute of type BOOLEAN_LIST.



Repeated string value. Should be set if feedAttributeId refers to a feed attribute of type STRING_LIST, URL_LIST or DATE_TIME_LIST. For STRING_LIST and URL_LIST the total size of the list in bytes may not exceed 3000. For DATE_TIME_LIST the number of elements may not exceed 200.

For STRING_LIST the maximum length of each string element is 1500 characters. For URL_LIST the maximum length is 2076 characters. For DATE_TIME the format of the string must be the same as start and end time for the feed item.



Repeated double value. Should be set if feedAttributeId refers to a feed attribute of type DOUBLE_LIST.


string (int64 format)

Id of the feed attribute for which the value is associated with.


string (int64 format)

Int64 value. Should be set if feedAttributeId refers to a feed attribute of type INT64.



Bool value. Should be set if feedAttributeId refers to a feed attribute of type BOOLEAN.



String value. Should be set if feedAttributeId refers to a feed attribute of type STRING, URL or DATE_TIME. For STRING the maximum length is 1500 characters. For URL the maximum length is 2076 characters. For DATE_TIME the string must be in the format "YYYYMMDD HHMMSS".



Double value. Should be set if feedAttributeId refers to a feed attribute of type DOUBLE.


A restriction used to determine if the request context's geo should be matched.

UNSPECIFIED Not specified.
UNKNOWN Used for return value only. Represents value unknown in this version.
LOCATION_OF_PRESENCE Indicates that request context should match the physical location of the user.


Policy, validation, and quality approval info for a feed item for the specified placeholder type.

JSON representation
  "placeholderTypeEnum": enum (PlaceholderType),
  "reviewStatus": enum (PolicyReviewStatus),
  "approvalStatus": enum (PolicyApprovalStatus),
  "policyTopicEntries": [
      object (PolicyTopicEntry)
  "validationStatus": enum (FeedItemValidationStatus),
  "validationErrors": [
      object (FeedItemValidationError)
  "qualityApprovalStatus": enum (FeedItemQualityApprovalStatus),
  "qualityDisapprovalReasons": [
    enum (FeedItemQualityDisapprovalReason)
  "feedMappingResourceName": string

enum (PlaceholderType)

Output only. The placeholder type.


enum (PolicyReviewStatus)

Output only. Where the placeholder type is in the review process.


enum (PolicyApprovalStatus)

Output only. The overall approval status of the placeholder type, calculated based on the status of its individual policy topic entries.


object (PolicyTopicEntry)

Output only. The list of policy findings for the placeholder type.


enum (FeedItemValidationStatus)

Output only. The validation status of the palceholder type.


object (FeedItemValidationError)

Output only. List of placeholder type validation errors.


enum (FeedItemQualityApprovalStatus)

Output only. Placeholder type quality evaluation approval status.


enum (FeedItemQualityDisapprovalReason)

Output only. List of placeholder type quality evaluation disapproval reasons.



Output only. The FeedMapping that contains the placeholder type.


The possible validation statuses of a feed item.

UNSPECIFIED No value has been specified.
UNKNOWN Used for return value only. Represents value unknown in this version.
PENDING Validation pending.
INVALID An error was found.
VALID Feed item is semantically well-formed.


Stores a validation error and the set of offending feed attributes which together are responsible for causing a feed item validation error.

JSON representation
  "validationError": enum (FeedItemValidationError),
  "feedAttributeIds": [
  "description": string,
  "extraInfo": string

enum (FeedItemValidationError)

Output only. Error code indicating what validation error was triggered. The description of the error can be found in the 'description' field.


string (int64 format)

Output only. Set of feed attributes in the feed item flagged during validation. If empty, no specific feed attributes can be associated with the error (for example, error across the entire feed item).



Output only. The description of the validation error.



Output only. Any extra information related to this error which is not captured by validationError and feedAttributeId (for example, placeholder field IDs when feedAttributeId is not mapped). Note that extraInfo is not localized.


The possible validation errors of a feed item.

UNSPECIFIED No value has been specified.
UNKNOWN Used for return value only. Represents value unknown in this version.
STRING_TOO_SHORT String is too short.
STRING_TOO_LONG String is too long.
VALUE_NOT_SPECIFIED Value is not provided.
INVALID_DOMESTIC_PHONE_NUMBER_FORMAT Phone number format is invalid for region.
INVALID_PHONE_NUMBER String does not represent a phone number.
PHONE_NUMBER_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_COUNTRY Phone number format is not compatible with country code.
PREMIUM_RATE_NUMBER_NOT_ALLOWED Premium rate number is not allowed.
DISALLOWED_NUMBER_TYPE Phone number type is not allowed.
VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE Specified value is outside of the valid range.
CALLTRACKING_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_COUNTRY Call tracking is not supported in the selected country.
CUSTOMER_NOT_IN_ALLOWLIST_FOR_CALLTRACKING Customer is not on the allow-list for call tracking.
INVALID_COUNTRY_CODE Country code is invalid.
INVALID_APP_ID The specified mobile app id is invalid.
MISSING_ATTRIBUTES_FOR_FIELDS Some required field attributes are missing.
INVALID_TYPE_ID Invalid email button type for email extension.
INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS Email address is invalid.
INVALID_HTTPS_URL The HTTPS URL in email extension is invalid.
MISSING_DELIVERY_ADDRESS Delivery address is missing from email extension.
START_DATE_AFTER_END_DATE FeedItem scheduling start date comes after end date.
MISSING_FEED_ITEM_START_TIME FeedItem scheduling start time is missing.
MISSING_FEED_ITEM_END_TIME FeedItem scheduling end time is missing.
MISSING_FEED_ITEM_ID Cannot compute system attributes on a FeedItem that has no FeedItemId.
VANITY_PHONE_NUMBER_NOT_ALLOWED Call extension vanity phone numbers are not supported.
INVALID_NUMBER_FORMAT Invalid format for numeric value in ad parameter.
INVALID_DATE_FORMAT Invalid format for date value in ad parameter.
INVALID_PRICE_FORMAT Invalid format for price value in ad parameter.
UNKNOWN_PLACEHOLDER_FIELD Unrecognized type given for value in ad parameter.
HYPHENS_IN_REVIEW_EXTENSION_SNIPPET Review text cannot contain hyphens or dashes.
DOUBLE_QUOTES_IN_REVIEW_EXTENSION_SNIPPET Review text cannot contain double quote characters.
QUOTES_IN_REVIEW_EXTENSION_SNIPPET Review text cannot contain quote characters.
INVALID_FORM_ENCODED_PARAMS Parameters are encoded in the wrong format.
INVALID_URL_PARAMETER_NAME URL parameter name must contain only letters, numbers, underscores, and dashes.
NO_GEOCODING_RESULT Cannot find address location.
SOURCE_NAME_IN_REVIEW_EXTENSION_TEXT Review extension text has source name.
CARRIER_SPECIFIC_SHORT_NUMBER_NOT_ALLOWED Some phone numbers can be shorter than usual. Some of these short numbers are carrier-specific, and we disallow those in ad extensions because they will not be available to all users.
INVALID_PLACEHOLDER_FIELD_ID Triggered when a request references a placeholder field id that does not exist.
INVALID_URL_TAG URL contains invalid ValueTrack tags or format.
LIST_TOO_LONG Provided list exceeds acceptable size.
INVALID_ATTRIBUTES_COMBINATION Certain combinations of attributes aren't allowed to be specified in the same feed item.
DUPLICATE_VALUES An attribute has the same value repeatedly.
INVALID_CALL_CONVERSION_ACTION_ID Advertisers can link a conversion action with a phone number to indicate that sufficiently long calls forwarded to that phone number should be counted as conversions of the specified type. This is an error message indicating that the conversion action specified is invalid (for example, the conversion action does not exist within the appropriate Google Ads account, or it is a type of conversion not appropriate to phone call conversions).
CANNOT_SET_WITHOUT_FINAL_URLS Tracking template requires final url to be set.
APP_ID_DOESNT_EXIST_IN_APP_STORE An app id was provided that doesn't exist in the given app store.
INVALID_FINAL_URL Invalid U2 final url.
INVALID_TRACKING_URL Invalid U2 tracking url.
INVALID_FINAL_URL_FOR_APP_DOWNLOAD_URL Final URL should start from App download URL.
LIST_TOO_SHORT List provided is too short.
INVALID_USER_ACTION User Action field has invalid value.
INVALID_TYPE_NAME Type field has invalid value.
INVALID_EVENT_CHANGE_STATUS Change status for event is invalid.
INVALID_SNIPPETS_HEADER The header of a structured snippets extension is not one of the valid headers.
NUMBER_TYPE_WITH_CALLTRACKING_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_COUNTRY Phone number incompatible with call tracking for country.
RESERVED_KEYWORD_OTHER The input is identical to a reserved keyword
DUPLICATE_OPTION_LABELS Each option label in the message extension must be unique.
DUPLICATE_OPTION_PREFILLS Each option prefill in the message extension must be unique.
UNEQUAL_LIST_LENGTHS In message extensions, the number of optional labels and optional prefills must be the same.
INCONSISTENT_CURRENCY_CODES All currency codes in an ad extension must be the same.
PRICE_EXTENSION_HAS_DUPLICATED_HEADERS Headers in price extension are not unique.
ITEM_HAS_DUPLICATED_HEADER_AND_DESCRIPTION Header and description in an item are the same.
PRICE_EXTENSION_HAS_TOO_FEW_ITEMS Price extension has too few items.
UNSUPPORTED_VALUE The given value is not supported.
INVALID_FINAL_MOBILE_URL Invalid final mobile url.
INVALID_KEYWORDLESS_AD_RULE_LABEL The given string value of Label contains invalid characters
VALUE_TRACK_PARAMETER_NOT_SUPPORTED The given URL contains value track parameters.
UNSUPPORTED_VALUE_IN_SELECTED_LANGUAGE The given value is not supported in the selected language of an extension.
PROMOTION_INVALID_TIME Promotion time is invalid.
PROMOTION_CANNOT_SET_PERCENT_OFF_AND_MONEY_AMOUNT_OFF Both the percent off and money amount off fields are set.
PROMOTION_CANNOT_SET_PROMOTION_CODE_AND_ORDERS_OVER_AMOUNT Both the promotion code and orders over amount fields are set.
TOO_MANY_DECIMAL_PLACES_SPECIFIED Too many decimal places are specified.
AD_CUSTOMIZERS_NOT_ALLOWED Ad Customizers are present and not allowed.
INVALID_LANGUAGE_CODE Language code is not valid.
UNSUPPORTED_LANGUAGE Language is not supported.
IF_FUNCTION_NOT_ALLOWED IF Function is present and not allowed.
INVALID_FINAL_URL_SUFFIX Final url suffix is not valid.
INVALID_TAG_IN_FINAL_URL_SUFFIX Final url suffix contains an invalid tag.
INVALID_FINAL_URL_SUFFIX_FORMAT Final url suffix is formatted incorrectly.
ONLY_ONE_DELIVERY_OPTION_IS_ALLOWED Multiple message delivery options are set.
NO_DELIVERY_OPTION_IS_SET No message delivery option is set.
INVALID_CONVERSION_REPORTING_STATE String value of conversion reporting state field is not valid.
IMAGE_SIZE_WRONG Image size is not right.
EMAIL_DELIVERY_NOT_AVAILABLE_IN_COUNTRY Email delivery is not supported in the country specified in the country code field.
AUTO_REPLY_NOT_AVAILABLE_IN_COUNTRY Auto reply is not supported in the country specified in the country code field.
INVALID_LATITUDE_VALUE Invalid value specified for latitude.
INVALID_LONGITUDE_VALUE Invalid value specified for longitude.
TOO_MANY_LABELS Too many label fields provided.
INVALID_IMAGE_URL Invalid image url.
MISSING_LATITUDE_VALUE Latitude value is missing.
MISSING_LONGITUDE_VALUE Longitude value is missing.
ADDRESS_NOT_FOUND Unable to find address.
ADDRESS_NOT_TARGETABLE Cannot target provided address.
INVALID_ASSET_ID The specified asset ID does not exist.
INCOMPATIBLE_ASSET_TYPE The asset type cannot be set for the field.
IMAGE_ERROR_UNEXPECTED_SIZE The image has unexpected size.
IMAGE_ERROR_ASPECT_RATIO_NOT_ALLOWED The image aspect ratio is not allowed.
IMAGE_ERROR_FILE_TOO_LARGE The image file is too large.
IMAGE_ERROR_FORMAT_NOT_ALLOWED The image format is unsupported.
IMAGE_ERROR_CONSTRAINTS_VIOLATED Image violates constraints without more details.
IMAGE_ERROR_SERVER_ERROR An error occurred when validating image.


The possible quality evaluation approval statuses of a feed item.

UNSPECIFIED No value has been specified.
UNKNOWN Used for return value only. Represents value unknown in this version.
APPROVED Meets all quality expectations.
DISAPPROVED Does not meet some quality expectations. The specific reason is found in the qualityDisapprovalReasons field.


The possible quality evaluation disapproval reasons of a feed item.

UNSPECIFIED No value has been specified.
UNKNOWN Used for return value only. Represents value unknown in this version.
PRICE_TABLE_REPETITIVE_HEADERS Price contains repetitive headers.
PRICE_TABLE_REPETITIVE_DESCRIPTION Price contains repetitive description.
PRICE_TABLE_INCONSISTENT_ROWS Price contains inconsistent items.
PRICE_DESCRIPTION_HAS_PRICE_QUALIFIERS Price contains qualifiers in description.
PRICE_UNSUPPORTED_LANGUAGE Price contains an unsupported language.
PRICE_TABLE_ROW_HEADER_TABLE_TYPE_MISMATCH Price item header is not relevant to the price type.
PRICE_TABLE_ROW_HEADER_HAS_PROMOTIONAL_TEXT Price item header has promotional text.
PRICE_TABLE_ROW_DESCRIPTION_NOT_RELEVANT Price item description is not relevant to the item header.
PRICE_TABLE_ROW_DESCRIPTION_HAS_PROMOTIONAL_TEXT Price item description contains promotional text.
PRICE_TABLE_ROW_HEADER_DESCRIPTION_REPETITIVE Price item header and description are repetitive.
PRICE_TABLE_ROW_UNRATEABLE Price item is in a foreign language, nonsense, or can't be rated.
PRICE_TABLE_ROW_PRICE_INVALID Price item price is invalid or inaccurate.
PRICE_TABLE_ROW_URL_INVALID Price item URL is invalid or irrelevant.
PRICE_HEADER_OR_DESCRIPTION_HAS_PRICE Price item header or description has price.
STRUCTURED_SNIPPETS_HEADER_POLICY_VIOLATED Structured snippet values do not match the header.
STRUCTURED_SNIPPETS_REPEATED_VALUES Structured snippet values are repeated.
STRUCTURED_SNIPPETS_EDITORIAL_GUIDELINES Structured snippet values violate editorial guidelines like punctuation.
STRUCTURED_SNIPPETS_HAS_PROMOTIONAL_TEXT Structured snippet contain promotional text.