Caution: You are viewing documentation for the API's REST interface. Most of our official client libraries use gRPC. See the REST Introduction for details.


An ad parameter that is used to update numeric values (such as prices or inventory levels) in any text line of an ad (including URLs). There can be a maximum of two AdParameters per ad group criterion. (One with parameterIndex = 1 and one with parameterIndex = 2.) In the ad the parameters are referenced by a placeholder of the form "{param#:value}". For example, "{param1:$17}"

JSON representation
  "resourceName": string,
  "adGroupCriterion": string,
  "parameterIndex": string,
  "insertionText": string


Immutable. The resource name of the ad parameter. Ad parameter resource names have the form:




Immutable. The ad group criterion that this ad parameter belongs to.


string (int64 format)

Immutable. The unique index of this ad parameter. Must be either 1 or 2.



Numeric value to insert into the ad text. The following restrictions apply: - Can use comma or period as a separator, with an optional period or comma (respectively) for fractional values. For example, 1,000,000.00 and 2.000.000,10 are valid. - Can be prepended or appended with a currency symbol. For example, $99.99 is valid. - Can be prepended or appended with a currency code. For example, 99.99USD and EUR200 are valid. - Can use '%'. For example, 1.0% and 1,0% are valid. - Can use plus or minus. For example, -10.99 and 25+ are valid. - Can use '/' between two numbers. For example 4/1 and 0.95/0.45 are valid.