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Enum describing possible conversion value rule set errors.



Enum unspecified.


The received error code is not known in this version.


Two value rules in this value rule set contain conflicting conditions.


This value rule set includes a value rule that cannot be found, has been permanently removed or belongs to a different customer.


An error that's thrown when a mutate operation is trying to replace/remove some existing elements in the dimensions field. In other words, ADD op is always fine and UPDATE op is fine if it's only appending new elements into dimensions list.


An error that's thrown when a mutate is adding new value rule(s) into a value rule set and the added value rule(s) include conditions that are not specified in the dimensions of the value rule set.


The dimensions field contains duplicate elements.


This value rule set is attached to an invalid campaign id. Either a campaign with this campaign id doesn't exist or it belongs to a different customer.


When a mutate request tries to pause a value rule set, the enabled value rules in this set must be paused in the same command, or this error will