Google Ads API is returning to beta status. Please read our blog post for more details.

Migrating from v1 to v2

Changes to Services and their Components
AdGroupAdService Introduced companion_banner in VideoBumperInStreamAdInfo and VideoNonSkippableInStreamAdInfo. Note that this is a breaking change for some as this introduced a new field in an empty object.
CampaignService Renamed LOCATION_OF_PRESENCE to LOCATION in NegativeGeoTargetType and PositiveGeoTargetType.
Updated the Campaign GeoTargetTypeSetting to default to PRESENCE_OR_INTEREST for NegativeGeoTargetType and PositiveGeoTargetType.
ExtensionFeedItemService Removed review extensions by removing ExtensionType REVIEW. This was already deprecated in AdWords API.
FeedItemService Introduced PlaceholderType, and renamed FeedItemPlaceholderPolicyInfo.placeholder_type to placeholder_type_enum, using an enum rather than an integer.
GeographicView Replaced country_geo_target_constant with country_criterion_id in GeographicView.
GoogleAdsFieldService Set an error on the limit. The page size that can be passed in must be 1 to 10,000 inclusive. Any other number now results in an INVALID_PAGE_SIZE error.
GoogleAdsService Removed:

For other available metrics, refer to this blog post.

Updated segments.click_type to NOT be compatible with: