Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Class Summary
EntriesNumber Number of Sidewiki entries written by this user.
SidewikiAuthor Sidewiki author.
SidewikiEntry Describes a Sidewiki entry in the feed of Sidewiki entries.
SidewikiEntryFeed Describes a feed of Sidewiki entries.
SidewikiLink Extends the base Link class with Sidewiki extensions.
SidewikiLink.Rel Link relation type.
SidewikiNamespace Namespace definitions related to Google Sidewiki Data API.
SidewikiThumbnail The thumbnail for a user portrait or the web page a Sidewiki entry is about.
SidewikiUserDescription The description of a user.
SidewikiUserEntry Describes a Sidewiki user entry.
SidewikiUserFeed Describes a feed of Sidewiki users.
Source Describes a source.
Usefulness Usefulness of entry.

Enum Summary
Source.Value Value.
Usefulness.Value Value.