Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Interface Summary
AlbumData Data interface for album feeds and entries.
AtomData A common interface for all of the methods that match between entry and feed.
CommentData Shared comment data object, this contains all setters/getters of fields that are specific to a comment.
Extensible Basic interface for all extendable objects.
GphotoData Data interface for all of the photos data items.
MediaData An interface for anything that supports mediarss content to implement, provides helpful get and set methods for getting and setting mediarss elements.
PhotoData Base data object for photo feeds and entries, this interface contains the methods that all photo objects must provide.
TagData Basic extension to include tag-specific data, this is the shared interface for all tag objects in the Picasaweb GData api.
UserData An interface for the user data objects.

Class Summary
AlbumEntry Entry for album kinds, contains album metadata.
AlbumFeed Feed for an Album in our google photos api.
CommentAuthor Comment author, contains commentor name and image.
CommentEntry Entry for comment kinds, contains comment metadata.
ExifTags A photo's exif tags.
GphotoAccess Access level for an album, either public or unlisted.
GphotoAccess.Value Access level.
GphotoAlbumCanonicalTitle Canonical name of the album this entity is in.
GphotoAlbumDescription Album description of the album this entity is in.
GphotoAlbumId The album ID that the entity is contained in.
GphotoAlbumTitle Title of the album this entity is in.
GphotoBytesUsed The number of bytes used by the album.
GphotoChecksum An opaque client checksum.
GphotoClient An opaque client string for extra photo information.
GphotoCommentCount The number of comments on the album.
GphotoCommentsEnabled True if the album allows commenting.
GphotoCrowdedLength Number of results included after crowding.
GphotoEntry<E extends GphotoEntry<E>> The base entry class for Picasaweb data.
GphotoExifTime The unix timestamp from the exif information.
GphotoFeaturedDate Datetime in unix timestamp format for when the photo was featured.
GphotoFeed<F extends GphotoFeed> This class customizes the generic MediaFeed class to define a feed of GphotoEntries.
GphotoHeight The height of a photo in pixels.
GphotoId The photos system id for the element.
GphotoImageVersion The version of the image bytes.
GphotoLocation The textual location of the album.
GphotoMaxPhotos The maximum number of photos allowed per album.
GphotoName The canonical name of the album.
GphotoNickname The nickname of a user.
GphotoOriginalVideo The original video info field.
GphotoPhotoId The photo ID that the entity is contained in.
GphotoPhotosLeft The number of photos that can be uploaded to this album.
GphotoPhotosUsed The number of photos that have already been uploaded.
GphotoPosition The position of a photo in its album.
GphotoQuotaLimit The maximum available quota.
GphotoQuotaUsed The currently used quota.
GphotoRotation The rotation of a photo in degrees.
GphotoRssLink Link to the rss feed.
GphotoShowLink Flag if contact should appear in gallery page.
GphotoSize The size of a photo in bytes.
GphotoSnippet Snippet of matching text for search results.
GphotoSnippetType Type of snippet included in search results.
GphotoStarred If viewer starred the photo and total number of stars.
GphotoStreamId The stream ID of a stream the photo belongs to.
GphotoSubscribed Flag if user will receive update emails from a contact.
GphotoThumbnail The thumbnail for a user portrait or album cover.
GphotoTimestamp A datetime in unix timestamp format.
GphotoTruncated Truncated value of search results.
GphotoType Type of element.
GphotoUsername The username of a photos user.
GphotoVersion The version of the entity.
GphotoVideoStatus The video status field.
GphotoVideoUrl The url to the video source of the photo.
GphotoViewCount The number of views for this image.
GphotoWeight The number of items this tag appears on.
GphotoWidth The width of a photo in pixels.
KmlSnippet Simple value element for kml snippets.
Namespaces Namespace definitions related to Picasa Web Albums Data API.
PheedImageUrl Photo image source.
PheedThumbnail Photo thumbnail.
PheedVideoUrl Video source.
PhotoEntry Entry for photo kinds, contains photo metadata.
PhotoFeed Feed for a Photo in our google data api.
TagEntry Entry for tag kinds, contains tag metadata.
UserEntry Entry for user kinds, contains user metadata.
UserFeed Feed for a User in our google photos api.