Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Class Summary
AbstractMediaResource An empty tag with a url, width and height attribute.
AbstractTextElement A media element with a 'type' attribute and text content.
MediaAttributeHelper Helps accessing media tag attributes.
MediaCategory <media:category>.
MediaContent <media:content>.
MediaCopyright <media:copyright>.
MediaCredit <media:credit>.
MediaDescription <media:description>.
MediaGroup <media:group>.
MediaHash <media:hash>.
MediaKeywords <media:keywords>.
MediaPlayer <media:player>.
MediaRating <media:rating>.
MediaRestriction <media:category>.
MediaRssNamespace GData definitions for the Yahoo media: namespace.
MediaText <media:text>.
MediaThumbnail <media:thumbnail>.
MediaTitle <media:title>.
NormalPlayTime Time specification object which tries to conform to section 3.6 of RFC 2326 (Normal Play Time).

Enum Summary
MediaContent.Expression Values for the expression attribute: sample, full and nonstop.
MediaRestriction.Relationship Values for the relationship attribute.
MediaRestriction.Type Values for the type attribute.