Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Class Summary
BoxDataImpl Implementation of the BoxData interface.
GeoRssBox A georss:box that contains 2 points, like: 42.943 -71.032 43.039 -69.856
GeoRssPoint Extension for a Geo RSS georss:point element.
GeoRssWhere The georss:where element.
GmlEnvelope A gml:Envelope element, this is used to describe a box using the gml version of our geographic information language.
GmlLowerCorner Point that represents the lower corner of a gml:Envelope.
GmlPoint Extension for a GML gml:Point element.
GmlPos A GML Coordinate which is just a space-separated pair of lat/lon.
GmlUpperCorner Point that represents the upper corner of a gml:Envelope.
PointConstruct A basic point construct consists of a space-separated coordinate in geo space.
PointDataImpl Implementation of the PointData interface.
W3CPoint Extension for a W3C geo:Point element.