Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Class Summary
AccessLevelProperty GData schema extension describing how much a given user may do with a given event or calendar.
AnyoneCanAddSelfProperty Whether anyone can add self as attendee.
AttendeeEntry This is used to represent an entry in an attendee feed.
AttendeeFeed For attendee feeds
CalendarAclEntry Describes an entry in a feed of a Calendar access control list (ACL).
CalendarAclRole A holder for calendar-specific ACL roles (their semantics are described in AccessLevelProperty).
CalendarEntry This represents a single calendar in a list of calendars.
CalendarEventEntry This extends the EventEntry class for event entries in Google Calendars,
CalendarEventFeed Describes a Calendar event feed.
CalendarExtendedProperty Defines a value for the realm attribute that is used only in the calendar API.
CalendarExtendedProperty.Realm Limit on who may see and modify this extended property.
CalendarFeed Describes a feed of Calendars.
ColorProperty GData schema extension describing color property of a calendar
EventWho Calendar extensions to the base-level Who processing for calendar events.
GuestsCanInviteOthersProperty Whether guests can invite others to the event.
GuestsCanModifyProperty Whether guests can modify event.
GuestsCanSeeGuestsProperty Whether guests can see other attendees.
HiddenProperty GData schema extension describing hidden property of a calendar
IcalUIDProperty GData schema extension describing the UID in the ical export of the event.
ListType GData schema extension describing calendarlist type property of a calendar
Namespaces GData namespace definitions related to Google Calendar.
OverrideNameProperty GData schema extension describing override name property of a calendar
PrivateCopyProperty Indicates whether this is a private copy of the event, changes to which should not be sent to other calendars.
QuickAddProperty GData schema extension describing whether gd:content is for quickadd processing
ResourceProperty GData schema extension describing whether gd:who is a resource, such as a conference room.
SelectedProperty GData schema extension describing selected property of a calendar
SendAclNotificationsProperty Describes whether to send ACL notifications to grantees.
SendEventNotificationsProperty GData schema extension describing whether to send event notifications to other participants of the event or not.
SequenceNumberProperty GData schema extension describing sequence number of an event.
SyncEventProperty GData schema extension describing whether this is a sync scenario where the Ical UID and Sequence number are honored during inserts and updates.
TimesCleanedProperty Describes how many times calendar was cleaned via Manage Calendars.
TimeZoneProperty GData schema extension describing timezone property of a calendar
WebContent A "web content" extension -- here are some examples: <atom:link rel="" title="World Cup" href="" type="image/gif"> <gCal:webContent width="276" height="120" url="" /> </atom:link> <atom:link rel="" title="DateTime Gadget (a classic!)" href="" type="application/x-google-gadgets+xml"> <gCal:webContent width="300" height="136" url=""> <gCal:webContentGadgetPref name="color" value="green" /> </gCal:webContent> </atom:link>